Thank You to everyone who’s replied so far!  I’ll update my description as soon as I have some time on my hands 😀.

Room Details

Dimensions: 15’ × 20’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • GIK Acoustics 244 Panels x 6, Monster Bass Traps x 3
    Room Treatments from GIK! Room treatments are half the battle.  If you are trying to achieve good sound, you absolutely must have a good sounding room.  Whether it’s damped with GIK panels or books, vinyl records and plush heavy furniture, much of what you hear or don’t hear can be attributed to your rooms response.
    • Onix Audio Stereo Rack
    I actually quite like this rack.  I have 2 of them so I can change in and out different heights and configurations.  The rack is pretty modular in the way it screws together.  I filled all the legs with play sand.  The rack is pretty heavy and sturdy!
    • Schiit Audio Gungnir Multibit
    Great sounding Dac!  Very detailed and just really nice sounding for my musical tastes (which lean towards a lot of electronic music).  Perhaps not the most musical dac but I enjoy it quite a bit.  I also think it’s a bargain for what you can get them for on the pre owned market.
    • OPPO Bdp-93
    Oppo BDP-93 for spinning discs and the occasional blue ray!  This unit has the upgraded Nu Force edition.

    Not exactly the quickest response / load times and it won’t play hd videos so there are things limiting about it.  
    • Salk Sound Veracity HT2 TL
    I recently acquired these speakers locally.  I’ve been wanting to move from stand mounted speakers to a larger floor standing speaker for awhile now. When I moved into a place where I can play my music as loud as I want, whenever I want, I started really looking. My Fritz Carreras sound so good, especially eq’d, that they beat out everything I put up against them.  When I saw these Salks locally, I pounced on them and am glad I did.  They sound absolutely incredible and are exactly the move I was trying to make.  

    I’d say the strengths of the Salks are a very flat response, great bass response, smooth delicate highs, great soundstage depth and very dynamic.  When I used an eq, I could get the Carreras to do 90% of what the Salks do, which is quite impressive for a speaker 1/3 of size and $1500 less expensive. 

    All in all, I am very pleased with the sound quality, build quality and appearance of the Salks.  
    • Belles Aria Integrated
    75 muscular watts!  I really really like this integrated amp.  It has great modulation on the volume control from the remote which I like.  The openess of the sound along with the bass control are really nice.  I believe I read in the manual that the damping factor was relatively high so that may explain the exceptional bass response 
    from only 75 watts.  I imagine that the new Aria Integrated amp with 125 watts and balanced inputs is a great sounding amp.

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Made some changes lately I see😊 Really nice room you've got there!


Thanks guys!  Yes, diffusors would be nice and are something I’ve wanted for awhile.  Honestly, I think the room is 50% of the sound.  I wish I could have a dedicated space built in the backyard and go all out.  Maybe someday.  In the meantime, I’d like maybe 10 more gik 244 panels so I could do a cloud and fill in a few spaces further away and diffusors.  

My setup changes so often.  I’ve been listening to some Magnepan LRS speakers lately and really enjoy the planar sound.  I actually have my Salks for sale.  They sound great but are too big, mainly heavy, for me to move in and out of my system as easily as I would like.  

Anyhow, thanks for the comments!


Nicely done! Love the simple clean aesthetic! Each detail appears well thought out and implemented. 




Seems like more folks are paying attention to acoustic treatments nowadays. It's never too late. Just do it! Nice setup but you may find even more sound improvements with some diffusers. It greatly improved my room even so I thought I had it right with mainly absorbers. Just a thought. See my system for layout.


Thank you!  I just picked up some magnepans a few days ago and have really been enjoying them.  I’ve wanted a pair forever but didn’t want to buy an older pair.  

Anyhow, I’ll add some pics as soon as I have some time


The finish on your Salk speakers is stunning!  Nice looking room and your cat blends well with the room aesthetics.  I'm a big believer in GIK room treatments.  Well done!


LoL Peter!  You are too kind my friend and always welcome back for a longer listening session 😁

Anyone in Colorado and willing to make the trip to Colorado Springs is welcome to come over for an extensive listening session, bbq and beer included!


I actually had the privilege to hear this amazing system. After hearing so many multi-kilo buck systems I would sum up the sound as a near perfect “10” with no reservations! I wish I could “copy/paste” the sound over my current set up which I won’t mention…..


Very nice. Love the simplicity of it.


The setup is looking pretty near @b_limo. You have come quite a long way. But come on man, you are just keeping us hanging. Please provide some details on the components, stand, room treatments, etc. What happened to the Fritz?
Congratulations on setting this system up. Enjoy!


This is my main system now!  New room, new speakers. Absolutely in love with the sound I have currently!


Very nice! Is this your main system now? I thought I saw Fritz in another room. These are gorgeous!


Those Salk's are just gorgeous @b_limo !


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