This is my home office/study system that I listen to most of the time. Previously, I had the Harbeth P3esr's in this room which I liked very much. But the Harbeth M30.1 are something very very special. The midrange and reproduction of human voice is to die for. This is my go-to system when I'm in the mood to just chill with some jazz, blues, or vocals. As much as I love the Harbeth HL5+ in the main system, these 30.1s are the ones that allow me to make an emotional connection with the music better than any other speaker I've owned or listened to.

I had the walnut wood stands custom built by Z Audio. These are so much better looking in person and very unique looking. 

The only problem with the set up is the bookshelf and the chair taking up space, due to which the right speaker doesn't have enough room to breathe. One of these days when I'm motivated enough, I might move the bookshelves further to the other side of the room to free up some space and move the right speaker out by another foot.

Thank you for checking out my system. And, as always, any advice or tips for further improvement are welcome :)

Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 13’  Small
Ceiling: 20’

Components Toggle details

    • Harbeth M30.1
    Speakers -- one of my most prized possessions
    • Audio Mirror Tubadour III
    R2R NOS Tube DAC -- this DAC punches way above its price point. Excellent!
    • Raven Audio Blackhawk MK 3
    Tube integrated amp
    • Z Audio Walnut Speaker Stands
    These look so much more beautiful in person. Pictures don't do justice.
    • Bluesound Node 2i
    • Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme
    Power cord for the integrated amp
    • Raven Audio Soniquil Power Cord
    Great value for the money. Used with the DAC.
    • Small Green Computer sonicTransporter i5
    Roon core/server
    • REL Acoustics T-Zero MK3
    Subwoofer. Adds just the right dose of bottom end to the Harbeths.
    • SignalCable Ultra Speaker Cables
    Speaker cables -- will eventually replace with something more befitting the M30.1s.

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@jond -- Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad someone finally commented on my home office system, as the main system is getting most of the attention :)

Since this system is in my home office, I spend more time listening to it, and much more so lately since I've been working from home for almost 12 months now. For jazz, vocals, and light music, the smaller system works much better. For classical, rock, and blues, the main system has the edge.




Woah two awesome looking systems! Which one do you listen to more? They both look great and another great looking room.


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