I consider myself blessed to have a dedicated music room that I enjoy every day of the week. After shuffling through several speakers and amp combinations, I finally settled on one that I love the most. The Harbeth SHL5+ and Luxman 590 AXII go together like peanut butter and jelly. If I have to use one word to describe the sound, it has to be 'balanced' - nothing added and nothing taken away. The Luxman is fairly neutral with just the right proportions of warmth and excitement which works with the Harbeths so well.

The Luxman DAC is another component that compliments the system very well. And finally, the acoustic panels from GIK Acoustics made a huge difference. Of course, they took care of the unruly bass and brightness, but what surprised me the most was the tremendous improvement in soundstage width and depth as well as imaging. They truly extend the soundstage way beyond the four walls of the room.

This is a very simple system for now, but I plan to add a better streamer and a vinyl setup down the road, if and when funds permit. I had a REL T9i subwoofer with my previous speakers (Sonus Faber Olympica II), but with the SHL5+ I honestly don't find the need anymore. Still debating whether it makes sense to add a pair of subwoofer later on. 

Thank you for checking out my system! As always, any advice and tips for further improvement are welcome.

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    • Audio Envy NV-SP9
    Speaker cables - 10 ft.
    • GIK Acoustics Gik
    Acoustic Panels
    • Luxman DA-06 DAC
    • Luxman 590AXII
    Integrated amplifier
    • Harbeth Super HL5 Plus
    • Sonore OpticalRendu
    • Z Audio Audio Rack (Maple)
    • Z Audio Speaker Stands
    • Audio Envy Mega 3 Power Cord
    • Audio Envy O'nestian 4:3 XLR cables
    Connects the amp to the DAC
    • Curious Cables Curious USB Cable
    Connects the streamer to the DAC
    • Small Green Computer sonicTransporter i5
    Roon core/server
    • Audio Envy Ocean-Elite 2P
    Power cord for the DAC

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Well done. Enjoy the music.


What a gorgeous room @arafiq and nice simple great looking system!


Simple, elegant, high-quality gear with careful attention to room treatment.  You have done it right.


@b_limo -- Thank you for your kind words. I just saw your system and love the setup. Our taste in acoustic panel colors is quite similar :)


Yesssss!! Love it.  I was looking at your office system thinking that was a nice a setup and your only one, then I see this one too.  Thats awesome!!


@devilboy -- Thank you for the compliment. I checked out your system and it looks fabulous, I'm sure it sounds equally as good.

I have tried the Luxman with 4 pairs of speakers in the last 12 months. It acquitted itself quite well with everything I've thrown its way, but the synergy with the SHL5+ is just out of this world. For the first time, I feel as if this could be a system I can live with long term. When I say long term, what I really mean is 2 years, lol!

And yes, the panels are GIK Acoustics, from their Impression series, and are a diffuser/absorber combo. I recently added the dark maroon panels, and they have improved soundstage depth even further. Highly recommended!


@lalitk -- thanks, man! And I hope you know how much I appreciate the guidance you have provided along the way. Hopefully, I will be in a position to buy a relatively more high-end streamer in a few months. Although, I must say the opticalRendu definitely punches above its weight. I found it to be better than the Lumin U1 Mini that I auditioned for a few days and returned.

I'm seriously considering either buying a used Aurender N10 (N20 unfortunately is out of my budget), or a Wolf Audio Luna R.


@yyzsantabarbara and @coachpoconnor - thanks for commenting on my system. The acoustic treatment was truly a revelation, don't know why I resisted for so long.


Sorry. I just realized I posted my question to you on my virtual assistant page instead of yours. Lol.

I just checked out your system. Wow. The Luxman gear is gorgeous and must sound equally so with the Harbeths.
Good job!

Are those GIK diffusers on your wall? I love the pattern. That's exactly what I'm considering in my room. That, along with changing the direction of the system. I'm thinking about firing down the long wall.


Well Done!


@arafiq, Beautifully put together, I bet your system sounds nothing but sublime. Great job with room acoustics, love the ambiance. Well done!

Ag insider logo xs@2xlalitk

Great looking system. It looks like you really have acoustically treated that room nicely.


Beautiful Z Audio racks!  Loved my time with the Luxman DAC and continue to use GIK and Harbeth.  Well done!


Thanks for the compliments. The audio racks, and the speaker stands, are from Z Audio based in Austin, TX. They advertise on audiogon as well -- search for user id @trn. Terry, the owner, makes really good cabinets and stands. Great guy to work with.


Very nice;

Very nice racks , too



Very nice system! Those Luxmans most be lovely.
May I ask, what racks are those?


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