My 2 channel get away after a few more changes/additions.

Room Details

Dimensions: 13’ × 11’  Small
Ceiling: 15’

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    • McIntosh MA-352
    My "end game" amp. I have lusted over the blue meters for 40+ years and finally have one of my own.
    • Dr Feickert Volare
    Never say never, but this is very likely my end game turntable. Put the Audiomods arm on it and it is everything I had hoped.
    • Channel Islands Audio PEQ 1 mk 2
    With external power source.
    Also an "end game" piece in this system. Ridiculously good for the money, and I won't spend what it would cost to make a noticeable difference in sound.
    • Innuos Zen Mini mk3
    ...with outboard PSU.

    Weeks of recovering from knee replacement surgery convinced me that I needed a digital source that didn't require me to get off the couch every 20 minutes. Still prefer the analog source, but I'm not at all disappointed with the Innuos.
    • Vans Evers Clean Line Model 141
    Power conditioner that everything runs through.
    • Zu Audio Soul Superfly
    Had to see what Zu was all about. They seem to be a very polarizing company. So far been a very enjoyable addition.
    • Wyred4Sound Dac2
    Innuos streamer running into it.

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Beautiful room, Jamie! Let's see some pics of the new table...I've got an Audiomods arm too; mine's a Series V. If you've the 6, love to hear about it especially.


Really nice room, you have done an excellent job on that.  The new MA-352 is a wonderful unit, enjoy it in good health.  From what I see, you have many hours of enjoyment in front of you.  Right on!


Nice dedicated room Bro!   Love the high ceilings.


nice room groove dude !


Beautiful listening room. Small like mine.


Simplicity, I love it.


An elegant, straightforward system with which to enjoy music. I hope it sounds as nice as it looks, and you buy lots of records!

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