The room is long 33 feet and I listen across the 16 foot side. Front wall is full of mounted African animals. Right side is all glass, two 7 foot windows and a sliding door. YUCK. Mini-DSP takes an output from preamp and handles subs only, rather than having entire signal pass through it, so sound to mains is not directed through the Mini DSP. Biggest upgrades were the Townsend Isolation products which took out the sibilance/ringing and the upgrade form a Naim DR 300 amp to the Parasound JC1+ monoblocks, huge upgrade for the Sasha 2s. Don't starve them for power! First set of three 2 by 4 foot GIK Alphas are on order. They come in June.
As of April 23rd I am testing Townsend Fractual F1 interconnects and speaker wires. First listen before break in is very impressive. They are being compared to Cardas Clear Beyond interconnects and Shunyata Alpha speaker wires. Both of these wires are great in their own right, but I'm beginning to think that having the loom from the same vendor is synergistic (no pun intended).

Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 33’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Wadia 16
    transport only now
    • Parasound JC-1+ Monoblock
    • GSG MiniMarty roundover kits B and C 18 inch sub woofer
    Two kit built cabinets
    • miniDSP SHD
    used as crossover-have not set up Dirac DSP yet
    • Zimbabwe Cape Buffalo front wall acoustic treatment
    • Townshend Audio Platforms
    • Townshend Audio Seismic Isolation Podiums
    • Krell KSA-150
    sub-woofer AMP
    • Audio Research REF 10
    • Shunyata Research hydra delta 6
    • DCS Bartok
    • Wilson Audio Sasha 2

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Man you are going leaps and bounds lately!


Nice system!


Killer system.  Hard to find subs that size. One of my favorite speakers.


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