A long journey from my old system with martin Logan CLS I upgraded to maroon and have gone through many components. This latest version is pretty sweet with help from Mike Holm audio in Chicagoland I also make the custom lighting to get the mood. Lots of fun. Apple also plays a role since their match service puts all my custom tunes in the cloud I control the streamer from my iPad or my watch. Nifty screensaver and lyrics too.

Room Details

Dimensions: 32’ × 15’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Schitt Freya plus
    • Electrocompaniet 220
    • Denafrips Ares
    • Apple TVC
    • REL Acoustics Strata
    • Magnepan 1.7i

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I agree, great job getting Maggies to blend into the room, to my eye they often look out of place in a normal living room setup but you pulled it off!  Great room!


Thank you! It’s a good trick Maggie’s pull off if you match them to the wall color. I have been though lots of amps. It was a real eye opener on how unique they are in character with Maggie’s. Hegel d90, wyred st500. Rogue dragon, I had settled on the rogue 100 tube amp but the electrocompianet has the sweet midrange of tubes with the oomph and bass control that clicks. I tweak the sound with the freya, but I think the warm vs cool I see more difference in DAC. I have tried a few but have a topping d90 I switch to if I want it sharper.


Really lovely room first of all and I've never seen Maggies blend into a room so well those white grills really work. And nice system as well those Electrocompaniet amps are supposed to be on the warm side of neutral a great match with the Maggies I'm guessing.


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