Latest iteration.  April 2021

Both tables run into the C37.  One table MM and the other MC.  Depending on mood.

Node 2i streaming Roon into the DP-430's coaxial input.  Much much better sounding than the Node's built-in DAC.

60/40 analog/digital.  Playing CDs again too which is a delight!  Prefer most CDs over their steaming source via Tidal/Qobuz.

Room Details

Dimensions: 13’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 12’

Components Toggle details

    • Magico A1
    Wireworld Silver Eclipse 5.2 speaker cables
    • Accuphase E-270
    • Accuphase C-37
    • Accuphase DP-430
    • Technics SL-1200G
    Funk Firm Technics Mat
    KAB Tonearm Damping system
    • Dr. Feickert Analogue Volare
    Jelco TK-950s
    • Hana ML
    • Ortofon Concorde
    • Audio-Technica at-oc9xsl
    • Nagaoka MP-500
    • Bluesound Node 2i
    • Roon Labs Roon Core
    • iFi Audio Power Station
    • Nessie Vinylmaster

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I've always been a fan of Spendor speakers, and have had quite a few of their models over the years (and prior to the Magicos).

On paper, the A1s shouldn't be easy to drive but my Accuphase doesn't break a sweat.  Haven't tried the A1s with any other amps though.


Sweet system man,
What speaker before A1 ?
Is it hard to drive ,


Bob, thanks for the response and you have given me great food for thought, the reason I asked the question was I have let my analog side of things get away from me and feel the need to reduce my footprint in that area as I am selling off my main system, concentrating on my headphone system with speakers being my secondary focus and have both your tables on my radar. Have to admit, I was hoping you would say the Feickert was the clear choice as I so wanted it to be. enjoy the music. Bobby


Bob cool I was just looking at that table online looks really nice and a very good value! I thought all the Dr Feickert stuff was crazy $$ looks like I was wrong.



The Feickert table is new!  There's really no "need" for two tables in my scenario, but since the C37 preamp can accommodate - I decided "why the heck not!"

Magicos have been in the system for a few months (which is an eternity for me).  They're still pushing all the right buttons.


I've had the Technics for a long time, and chose the Feickert based on reviews and the Jelco arm (removable headshell).  I love being able to switch cartridges easily on either table.  The Feickert is better to look at, but the Technics is the better overall performer, IMO.  I'd keep the Technics.


Another day Bob has another system ;) So are the Magico's new? I know you had the Accuphase gear already.


Your two turntables are an interesting pair togeather leading me to ask how you decided on those two and if you had to keep just one, which one would it be and why? Nice system by the way.


Very nice!  Looks like vinyl heaven to me.  What's the deal with Cinque Terra, this poster seems to be everywhere!


Very nice set up. Do you use the turntables for different purposes? For example, I use one of my turntables for mono, the other for stereo. And I love that you seem to not need a subwoofer.


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