My changes and component cycles have lessened over the last few years with the LM and the Hagerman being the most recent. I think I'm happy for now. For Now - although my wife refuses
to believe this. I do wish my Spatials had a bit more bass and I would be hesitant to hook up a sub to the LM when it doesn't have pre/sub out. But other than that, this system keeps me listening and listening.


Room Details

Dimensions: 25’ × 15’  Large
Ceiling: N/A

Components Toggle details

    • Line Magnetic 518ia Integrated Amplifier
    A maybe forever amp - at least until I go separates. A beauty to listen to and to look at as it adds to the alpenglow of the listening room in the evening. With GE6V6's and Mullard 12AX7's complementing the stock 5A4 and 845's, this unit simply shines.
    • Hagerman Trumpet
    I took the plunge on this unit sound unheard and am really, really pleased with its presentation. Was looking for a good tube phono to complement the LM. It was either this or an Allnic 1201. Glad to grabbed the Hagerman.
    • VPI Industries HW-19 mkIV
    My first "real" turntable, with a SAMA, a Jelco 750EB, and a Hana ML. Took the three balancing screws out from the platter and dremeled the armboard a bit to account for the lower platter. Upgraded the ball bearing and this table is built and balanced!
    • Hana ML
    I go between this and a Benz Micro Ace SH. The Hana is a more detailed, pinpoint sound, while the Benz is more full, more of a wash. They both work well with what they do.
    • OPPO 105
    What a multitool that never fails in its presentation and playback! The Oppo is a keeper for me; it'll be the last cd player I ever buy and until I am ready to upgrade my streaming, it'll be the last streamer I buy.
    • Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S
    The first open baffles I've owned after having run both box and planars in the past. These are like my Maggie 3.6's of yore combined with my Acoustic Zen Adagios. They are fast and pinpointy while also booming a huge soundstage with depth. Some damping tape on the driver baskets helped solidify the sound somewhat.
    • Acoustic Zen Tsunami III
    • Acoustic Zen Wow
    • Morrow Audio PH4 Phono cables
    • Canare Cable 10 gauge speaker cable
    Running a 15 foot and a 20 foot length of these to account for the different distances from the LM518 now that components are off to the side. These replaced Acoustic Zen Holograms and I'm hard pressed to notice a difference.
    • Simao's Balofon
    Made this in 2002 based on ones I played in Senegal. Grew the gourds and cut all wood, though had a neighbor at the time supply the goatskin ties. Tuned to Cmaj.
    • Westcliff Ashiko
    Beautiful goatskin head that also resonates with the right harmonics and overtones.
    • Synergistic Research PHT - Phono Transducer
    Black Widow on the headshell; Green Dream on the pivot - these really opened the sound up in a way that was as advertised.
    • Nobsound Audio Springs
    A sick cheap tweak that helped with building a blacker background and a more open sound from the VPI!
    • Mapex Saturn IV
    With its maple/walnut hybrid shells, this kit just sings. One of the easiest to tune and one of the most versatile. Mostly Sabian cymbals; Pearl Dennis Chambers snare.

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Thanks, @tjkurita 

The kits a Mapex Saturn 4 with a rotating snare selection based on the venue and style. OB speakers punch more than planars but also beautifully image. You can't go wrong.  


By the way, is that a Star Classic kit?  It’s really nice!! Edit:  no!  It is a Mapex kit!  Beautiful.


Hey Simao!  I should have checked out your system a while ago. Just wanted to say I like it!!  I am Interested in OB speakers. Especially those from Pure Audio Project and Spatial. We had a couple of exchanges in the audiogon music forum so I wanted to check in. Hope all is well with you and what a beautiful room!!


Keep swingin'-


Man,oh,man...I'd say your heading "Sonics and Aesthetics" just about covers it all. A beautiful layout, that amazing photo (wooden bridge) invites a viewer to step right into the image,hand drum at the ready,and go wherever the music takes you. If the sounds are right,I'm sure it would seem a distinct possibility! Haven't heard the Spatials, but I've spent many an hour digging Martin Logan CLS I, SL 3, Acoustat 1+1's over the years. That "open" sound has always been attractive to me.  As 4 bass,a subwoofer has always been a desirable piece in my setups. It may be tuned low,but it's there. No need to "shout",you know?


That's a beautiful room. What do you call that xylophone like apparatus? There was a great band that used it in a song which is where I first heard one.

Ag insider logo xs@2xzyphryx

A lot of thought has gone into your playback system. Quite an elegant environment and system.


Any consideration to running an REL sub off the LM's high-level outputs?  I did this to great satisfaction with my LM-218ia.


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Great looking room. I also got my Trumpet from Jim Hagerman, had some noise issues, but he changed to Mullard tubes and now all is good. I also use the Hana ML. Try some GoldenEar One's if you want more bass. I changed from Thiel's and it made a huge bass difference without being a slow sub.


A listening room you can actually enjoy being in. Well done. If the visual is pleasing, it will sound better every time. It does in mine :)


Cool system and great looking room!


@thosb to be honest, I can't really remember. I think I was looking around for something to replace the acoustic Zen adagios I had, and a few people on the forum recommended spatials. I never heard open baffle before so I decided to go for it. And it worked out beautifully


@dougsat I can only live in the back so far before they come off the rug and onto the laminate. I mean I could do that too,. However I did move them back about 4 in and the base did indeed improve little bit. Right now they're about 39" from the front wall


Nice room indeed.
Wondering if you inch you Spatials ever so closer to the back wall maybe your bass would improve a bit without compromising the rest of the sound.
But, I suppose you’ve already optimized speaker placement.


Dear @simao  : Very good system you own.

Now, I read your thread where you are looking for speakers with alittle more bass that what your today ones gives you.

Of course that the best way to go is to integrate two self powered subs to your room/system where you can take the subs signal from your input speakers and due that the subs are self powered and has its own crossover filter will not alter the impedance that are " seen " by your amplifier.

The CW IV has a high problem in its woofers because handled a to wide frequency range that develops a very high Intermodulation Distortion levels that goes against MUSIC .

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,

Ag insider logo xs@2xrauliruegas

Very nice room indeed, you've epitomized your title!  Curious how you landed on the Spatials?


It looks like a beautiful setup!  I imagine it sounds as sweet as it looks.


Lovely system and nice room love all the drums! Spatials sound nice I loved them at the 2019 Cap Audiofest with LTA.


Very nice. Have your tried higher gauge speaker wires? I thought 14-16 sounded much better on my Spatials compared to 12 gauge. Just a suggestion. Enjoy!.


Lovely, lovely room and system.  Kudos, and happy listening.


Thanks! I dove into hand drumming, specifically afro-cuban rhythms, for years and then, about ten years ago, just walked away from it and focused on kit drumming. But that rhythmic pull is always there.


Beautiful room and a beautiful system as well. Your title, "sonics and aesthetics" is exactly what I would sum up. I'm digging as well your collection of instruments, particularly that Djembe drum. I play regularly with a cousin of mine, we own a few of them in different sizes as well as a Conga! 


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