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    • Infinity RS-2000s
    Original owner! Given to me for Christmas 1988.
    I sold 'em to a buddy in 1993 when I got a pair of Dahlquist DQ-16s. He had them refoamed in 2007, and I bought them back in March 2021.
    • Creek Audio Classic 5350se
    • AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt
    • AudioQuest Golden Gate
    1/8" to RCA, running from Dragonfly to the Creek Integrated
    • Kimber Kable 4PR
    25' Pair
    • Apple Macbook Pro 2014

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Haha yeah! The too-bright Infinitys are actually way more fun than almost all of the expensive modern stuff I've been auditioning. 

RE: The Cobalt - it works really well with the Creek! It hisses and buzzes in my home system (Rogue amp connected to an iMac) so I haven't given it a real critical listen. 


What a cool hot rod system you have there. That audioquest dragonfly is a little magic unicorn, isn't it?


This is all me, mom is more into cards and baking than hi-fi these days.
Disclaimer: The speakers are on proper stands, they were just posed here to show off the digest-sized Stereophile magazines.


So is that mom's system or your temp system while you are there?


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