Presently using the Magnepan crossover. It is a two way external crossover. It splits into two signal. One goes to the mid and high, the other goes to the bass and mid bass.

I removed the ribbon tweeter form the Maggie panel and built a passive crossover using ClarityCaps CSA capacitors and Solen Perfect Lay inductors. When I get further along I will tweak the mid to tweeter passive crossover and upgrade the components.

I have a DBX Venu360 coming and will be able to biamp. I will use the Venu360 to get close to the correct parameters for a crossover. I have a Pass DIY biamp 6-24 crossover kit. I will probably end up with a PAss Labs XVR-1 before it is all over.

Room Details

Dimensions: 24’ × 17’  Large
Ceiling: 19’

Components Toggle details

    • VPI Industries VPI, SME, XYZ
    VPI Ares inspired 90 lbs aluminum plinth, VPI TNT platter and 300 RPM motor with flywheel, SME 309 arm, ZYX Omega X cart
    • Pass DIY Pass Pearl II phono pre
    Pass (Wayne Coburn) designed phono preamp
    • Pass Labs XP-20
    Pass Labs XP-20 linestage
    • Pass Labs X-250.5
    Pass Labs X-250.5 amplifier
    15 W\ch Class A and 250 W\ch at 8 ohms
    30 W\ch Class A and 500 W\ch at 4 ohms
    • Magnepan Magneplanar Tympani IVa w Bohlander and Graebener RD75 mids
    Hybrid planar magnetic speaker system. Maggie and B&G

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Finally someone on here that has an actually decent stereo. Now that should sound good...


The loudspeaker combo looks very cool!  Can you add some details about the crossover?

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