Music in a functional living space .
Thanks to 
Barry Ober  aka , for speaker placement, tuning the soundstage and advice on component selection. 
Jordan Goulette and art noxon of asc for room acoustic treatment,
Gary Mulder of ayre and now Yg acoustic, for his advice and mentorship.
Joe Parvey ( house of stereo) , John Mcgurk, josh Gwin ( Hansen audio) ,Brett Guthrie ( mancaves)  and don better ( don better audio ) for helping me put the system together .
3 dedicated 20 amps circuits with cardas and furtuch outlets.
Entire system is in balanced configuration.

Best sound I have ever heard, the ayre magico combo is magical and airy 😊.
Been through many diff amplifiers and speakers but never have I heard a better combo .
The new pictures are after we redid the room treatment to make it more aesthetically pleasing without affecting the sound . Planing on changing the fabric color on all traps to beige from black .
Any thoughts welcome . 
Got my second system charneys system with his 300b amps, western electric 300b tubes , what  a contrast . Had Brian Charney come over to set it up . The horn/ tube magic in vocals is good . But the painting via charneys compared to the magico lacks depth of colors, the richness and contrast. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 26’ × 20’  Large
Ceiling: 20’

Components Toggle details

    • Ayre Acoustics KX-R Twenty
    • Ayre Acoustics Cx-5xe
    Sacd , CD player
    • Ayre Acoustics Mx-r twenty
    • T+A Elektroakustik SD 3100 HV
    Reference dac
    • Wolf Audio Systems Red wolf 2SX
    • SME 30/2
    With sme series v tonearm , turntable
    • Lyra Etna SL LAMBDA
    • van den Hul The grail SE+
    • JL Audio CR-1 crossover
    • JL Audio Gotham 213 v2
    Subwoofer x 2
    • Magico M3
    With Mpods .
    • Isotek Nova evo 3
    Power conditioner
    • Isotek Titan
    Power conditioner
    • Cardas Audio CLEAR BEYOND
    • Cardas Audio Clear Reflection
    Speaker cable
    • Cardas Audio CLEAR BEYOND
    Power cords
    • Nordost Valhalla 2 usb
    Best sounding usb cable between my streamer and dac
    • Nordost Tyr 2 power cord
    • Nordost Frey 2 Power Cord
    • Nordost Heimdal II
    Power cord
    • Nordost Heimdall 2 Ethernet cable
    • ASC (Acoustic Sciences Corporation) Tube traps
    Room treatment
    • Nessie Vinylmaster
    Record cleaning machine
    • Charney Audio Companion Excalibur
    Horn speakers
    • Charneys amps Audio note kit 300b
    • Otari MTR-100
    1/2 inch 2 track open reel deck, with upgraded flux magnetic heads and all boards including power supply recapped
    • Isotek Evo 1
    Power conditioner for the otari
    • Nordost Tyr 2
    Balanced interconnects

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You're welcome and I noticed in the horn speaker thread it's a bit of a struggle I would say hang in there. It's a radical change obviously and as you said the new speakers load the room totally differently not to mention breakin. To me you look to be on a good track I hope it works out!


@jond thank you.
The room acoustic management is totally different with completely different rules.
Just learning how the speakers interact with the room and seems like less is more with regard to treatment. I have just hooked them up . Lot more fine tuning to come. Will  post pics once done .


@newtoncr I was just reading about your Charney acquisitions and had to come take a look looking awesome! I'm pretty sure I heard that speaker, possibly its big brother, at one of the last 3 Cap Audiofests, driven by that same 300B amp fantastic sound! Congrats on a great setup and that Charney gear looks super suave in black.


@clearthinker i heard the grail se + in my system and I loved it. Wrote the check immediately. I don’t regret the decision...heard many others in my system but nothing sounded so good with my cartridge  and my electronics.


Esoteric system.
I note your choice of The Grail.
A couple of years ago I chose the same after long-term auditions of other competitors in my system.  Grail wasn't the most detailed, nor the most realistic, nor the most anything.  But it has an unbeatable combination of all the necessary attributes.  It just puts across what's on the disc.


почему не повесили с потолка большие (для клубов или кинотеатров) колонки? ... места много - можно получить очень масштабные аудиокартины ... слушать хор, орган, саундтреки


Thank you


Wow! Impressive setup, great collection of gear and that's quite the room. Congrats on all the effort getting your system to work in your room.


I started working with room treatment on this room about 3 yrs ago . It has gone through many modifications. Including changes in electronics and speakers.
I have worked closely with Jordan at asc. He and art noxon designed the initial treatment based on basic measurements and parameters, The next test was the Matt test for articulation which we would have run and analyzed over a 100 times over the years . We found articulation defects in particular freq ranges we fixed by working on room treatment and speaker placement. It was easy for them to recommend those changes based on simple physics ie wavelength, distance to wall etc electronics or dsp software involved in tuning room. 
The final tweak was by listening and after 3 yrs now I am happy with balance , sound stage and articulation.  


Most impressive. By what means did you approach the sound treatment? Curious if you arrived at this via software or if you did it like most of us do. Love your cartridge and cable choices but, in truth, all the rest of it too. A challenging looking but utterly beautiful listening environment


Thank you .
Yes they do stay all the time.They have specific areas of diffusion and absorption so a little turn messes it up  with usually more absorption that takes the life off the music . 
The attack wall around the speakers help to negate the influence from the balcony , foyer , hallway etc that are outside the room .


Great room/equipment.

Very unusual speaker/treatment. Getting a living space to cooperate with our gear is the biggest challenge.

Does that stuff stay in the room full time? That's a really nice space.


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