Updated Listening Room with 2 REL S812 Subwoofers connected.  

Moved my amplifiers from Mechanical Room into Listening Room. 

Introduced new Transparent Generation 6 cabling and connected with Transparent Reference 8 Feet speaker cables, used a 70 foot run of Transparent XLR balanced interconnect (eliminated my transparent 70 foot speaker run), 2 Transparent Powerbank 2 Power Conditioners, and 2 Transparent matching Power Cords for my McIntosh amps into the each Powerbank. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 32’ × 25’  X large
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Wilson Audio Alexia 1
    • Audio Research Stereo Amplifier 160S
    • Audio Research Pre Amp REF 6SE
    • McIntosh MX160
    Home Theater Pre Amp
    • McIntosh MC 8207
    7 x 200W Surround Sound Amp
    • LUMIN T2 Streamer
    • REL Acoustics S812
    • Wilson Audio Watch Series I
    Center Channel
    • B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) cwm 7.5
    4 in ceiling surround sound speakers
    • Transparent Audio Generation 6 Reference 8 feet speaker cable
    • Transparent Audio Generation 6 XLR Reference Cable
    70 feet, Runs from Mechanical Room to Listening Room
    • Transparent Audio Generation 6 Reference Power Cord (2)
    One for each amplifier
    • Transparent Audio Generation 6 Power Banks, line conditioner (2)
    • Transparent Audio Premium XLR Interconnects
    XLR interconnects between components
    • Roon Labs Nucleus Plus
    • Synology DS918+
    • LUXUL XMS-2624P
    26 Port/24 POE+ Gigabit Managed Switch
    • Luxul EPIC 5
    Gigabit Router
    • Ruckus Zone Director 1200
    WAP Conductor
    • Sonos Room Player
    • Apple TV
    • Control4 5 Zone
    • OPPO BDP105
    DAC, Blue RAY, CD Player
    • Panamax M4315-PRO
    BlueBolt Compatible 9 outlet 15 amp power management
    • Furman ULTRA LINEAR Power Conditioner Elite - 20 Power Factor
    • Furman PL-PRO DMC
    20 Amp Power Conditioner with Voltmeter and Ammeter
    • Ruckus WAP - (2)
    2 wireless access points

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Thanks for the kind words Jumia.  The McIntosh and Ref6SE get along great.  I have the Ref6SE set up in bypass mode so that everything coming from the McIntosh goes the 6SE and directly into my Ref160S amp.  My Lumina T2 Streamer can be used either via Roon through the Mac OR through the direct connection I set up with XLR's coming from the Lumin into the REF6SE.  When I play this way I simply use the Lumin app.  It sounds the best with the Lumin app.  My preamp is always on when my system is on since everything flows through it to the amp.  The Amp and preamp are6 months old and I have 500 hours on them.  I listen a lot.  My turntable is new as well so I pay that quite a bit as well.  May be adding Audio Research Phono Stage soon but as of now it is connected too the Mcntoosh.  On the HT side the tubes take out some of the harshness of action movies which makes it easier to listen to.  The REF6SE is probably the best piece of equipment I have.  So much better than the McIntosh MX160 (that's what I was using for my pre-amp). Was a big HT person and now a big 2 channel person.  I spent about 1 year researching and also really liked what Luxman sounded like as well.  I tried as much as I could get my hands on to listen to.  Let me know if you have any more specific questions.

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Love the really involved system. How does the reference 6se get along with the home theater system? Do you run the preamp a lot and how are the tubes lasting, how do the tubes impact the home theater sound?

I am thinking about getting the audio research reference 6se.
Thanks for any info you can provide


As you can see I’ve upgraded my components. New Audio Research 160s reference amp and reference 6SE preamp; Wilson Audio Alexia speakers and Wilson center channel; New Lumin T2 dac/streamer; New Rel S812 subwoofers, New Project Turntable; all new Generation 6 cabling by Transparent including XLR, speaker, power cords, wall outlets, interconnects.

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Thanks for your comment.  I updated my pics and equipment as I'm making some changes to my system....slowly.

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CQQL Very well done!


Thanks K5D

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Proof some are in it for the music. Nice setup.


Wow. Such a clean and professional installation.


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