One system for Music in small room.
Second for TV/movies in living/dining space.
Third for FM radio in dining/living space.


Room Details

Dimensions: 13’ × 10’  Small
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Mystere USA IA-11
    40wpc tube amp from sister company PrimaLuna, Netherlands
    • Thorens/Ortofon/Schiit Audio (TD-203/2M Blue/Mani)
    Belt drive turntable w/ electronic speed control and uni-pivot tonearm
    Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge
    Schiit Audio Mani phono preamp
    • Marantz/Schiit Audio (CC-4001/Modi3)
    5-disc CD player used as transport
    Schiit Audio Modi3 DAC
    • Rotel RT-940ax
    FM/AM tuner
    • Paragon Acoustics Radiant
    Retrofitted w/ SEAS Froy Mk3 speaker kit from Madisound
    • _____ _____
    • Rega Mira3
    60wpc integrated amp
    • Yamaha BD-S677
    BluRay/SACD/CD player
    • FiiO D3
    DAC used from optical output of HDTV to amp
    • Klipsch Forte
    3-way w horn loaded highs and mids, 12" cone woofer and 12" passive radiator
    • _____ _____
    • NAD 7225pe
    25wpc  FM/AM stereo receiver
    • Monitor Audio Silver S6
    2-1/2 way speakers w/ ceramic-coated drivers

Comments 8

I paired the Klipsch Forte I speakers with the Rega Mira3 in the large living/dining room area, because the music room was too small for them. The smooth musical nature of the Mira3  suites the Fortes quite well. So the Monitor Audio speakers are now in the dining room as the holding pen. After switching things around I'm satisfied w/ the musical balance in the systems.


After a month of having the Forte speakers in our small listening room I re-installed the Paragons back into music system. The Forte's are amazing speakers but are not well suited for a small room as they need more room to breath.


Is everything black and white with you?

No just kidding very clean setup’s. 


Thanks everyone. Much appreciated. I find it easier to relax with a clean look w/o clutter and I'm finding great pleasure in listening to them. 
The Rega/ Monitor system sounds great w/ movies and audiophile music from YouTube. 
The '80s NAD/ Klipsch is an excellent match both from the same era so classical FM sounds wonderful. 
The Mystere tube amp does everything well with both modern speakers as well as vintage Klipsch. The Klipsch has so much dynamic drive that music is alive w/ the tube amp, alas the room is too small so the sound is in your face at only 8' away. A large room would be perfect. With the modern Paragon speakers it may more audiophile in a truer sense but the liveliness and PRaT of horns can't be discounted.


Yeah, these are three clean-lookin' systems and rooms.  I love it.  Thanks for sharing.


Nice simple systems.....also like your tidiness!  Enjoy!


Nice system(s) and love the b&w photos very cool and nice looking room.


I moved Klipsch upstairs to use with tube amp. Sound is very dynamic but the speakers are ultimately too large for the small room. I had it this way before and will try it again for a longer period of time.


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