I'm re-entering audio (and Audiogon) and re-building my system, which I allowed to go to seed after having kids in 2006.  Boy have things changed while staying the same.  New tech, but the same arguments about snake oil with a few new targets and perhaps a bit more vitriol.  I feel a bit like Rip van Winkle on the tech side.

As the pic shows, my room is not dedicated to audio.  Far from it.  Room treatments are limited to carpet, paintings, blinds, furniture and bodies.  

Starting with the Boulder 866, I am putting together a simple (2 box, maybe) system based on playback of ripped CDs (like many of us, I have thousands) and streaming via Roon.  (My system from the early 2000s, which I loved) was a Granite 657 tube output CDP -> Spectron Musician III -> Von Schweikert VR-5 HSE, with solid cabling.)   

I'm researching ripper/server/streamer options (Wolf, Innuos, Antipodes ... ), but wondering if I should just stream (Roon Nuc +) and sell all but the rarest CDs I have.  I'm struck by the mammoth implications of my decision, like when I moved away from vinyl in the 80s because I was peripatetic and had no place to keep my 100s of albums.  A divorce and marriage wrapped into one life defining moment (or perhaps a year of COVID is getting to me).

I'll upgrade my speakers down the road (I love the Statements, but miss the punch of my old Von Schweikerts).  My rack, cabling, iso devices, etc. are a mishmash of leftovers from the 2000-2005 period when I was fully focused on the quest for sound (thanks Steve Monte!).  I did just buy from Bob at Cerious a Graphene Matrix digital cable so I can bypass the Oppo DAC.  And I have an old Elrod PC that's probably a keeper.

I welcome any advice on the server/ripper/streamer side ... well, really on any of it.  Thanks!

Room Details

Dimensions: -16’ × -12’  Medium
Ceiling: -9’

Components Toggle details

    • Boulder 866
    Integrated Amp, with DAC
    • OPPO 105
    CD player
    • LSA Group LSA-10 Statement
    • Silversmith Audio Fidelium
    Speaker Cables

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