Musical,dynamic,bould,big sound with touch of warmness.Culprit onkyo preamp with burr brown dac..Onkyo m5000r was also good sounding,but bryston is dead quiet ,no noise coming from speakers,while with onkyo m5000r power amp there was hissing to heard

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    • Bryston 2.5b3
    can sound neutral ,warm,dynamic,bright,boogie ,but sound isĀ  very much influenced by preamp sound signature
    • onkyo p3000r
    very nice sounding preamp with dynamic ,warm,bould sound .Very nice dac inside
    • No name self made
    the sound of speakers resembles dynaudio contour,confidence punch,but has better dynamics ,midrange somewhere between harbeth and dynaudio.Has more vivid,bigger presentation.That why sold harbeth shl5

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