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Dimensions: 20’ × 20’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Magnepan .7
    • Carver Crimson 275
    • Bluesound Vault 2i
    • SVS SB-2000
    • ADL Stratos
    • Adcom GFA-545
    • TDS Passive Audiophile
    • Rega P3-24
    • Ortofon Quintet Black Boron
    • Roon Labs Roon ROCK custom core
    • HiFi Man HE-400I
    • Lehmann Audio Black Cube SE
    • Power Var Power Var 16 power conditioner
    • Vinyl Vinyl

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wow, i love your vinyl collection!!!!


The Carver Crimson 275 has that smooth tube sound, and it supposedly puts out 75-100wRMS/channel, so it drives the Magnepan .7 as loud as I normally listen. 

Five year warranty on tubes, and they run so cool you can put your hand on them. I run it all day long. Reasonably priced and you can get 60 day money back tryout. 

Acoustic instruments sound real, and I enjoy EDM, jazz, rock, folk and classical. 

The Adcom solid state is also a real pleasure, maybe a tad more detailed with a bit more bass (but the subs take care of that) and more analytical. But I like the 3D naturalness of the Carver.

Plus, it looks cool, don’t you think?


I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Carver Crimson 275!

Ag insider logo xs@2xtoro3

We have two streamers connected via Gigabit Ethernet to the router: one in the Roon ROCK and one in the Bluesound Vault 2i, so no streaming from devices, although Bluetooth is available. 

We control streaming (TIDAL, Qobuz, Amazon HD and from files on local hard drives) via Roon or BluOS on our mobile devices (iPhone or iPad) or desktop app. 

We can use one of two DACs in the system: the one in the Bluesound Vault 2i (32-Bit/192kHz BurrBrown PCM5122) or the one in the ADL Stratos pre-amp (32-bit/384kHz ESS Sabre2 9018K2M).  

Vinyl is 100% analog from Rega P3-24->Black Cube SE->Bluesound Vault 2i->ADL Stratos->Carver Crimson 275 amp->Magnepan .7. 

And of course we can move back and forth between the solid state Adcom and the tube Carver. A very flexible system, because we like to hold listening parties and A/B tube vs. solid state, DAC vs. DAC and vinyl vs. streaming vs. ripped CDs. We're looking forward to getting back to those listening parties!

I hope that helps. Enjoy!


Do you stream from your iPad while on stand or docked?   If so do you have a DAC hooked up?  If so, which DAC and how?  Thanks!


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