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    • Willsenton R8
    Integrated Tube Amp
    • Denafrips Pontus
    R2R DAC
    • Bluesound Node 2i
    Music Streamer
    • Tekton Design Perfect SET 2-10
    • Silversmith Fidelium
    Speaker Cables (6' pair)
    • Shunyata Venom V10 NR
    Power Cable (amplifier)

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Thanks jond. It took some begging and pleading to get these speakers into my system. My wife thinks they're ugly and too big for our listening room. I actually came down from the larger Pendragons to appease her. Tekton's customer service has been... disappointing. After waiting three months for the grilles to arrive they were the wrong size. Alas, we're looking for a new place to live and I'll have to reevaluate the entire setup after the move.


Funny, this room was “the listening room” before I set up my stereo system in it. I begin each day sitting in meditation for 30-45 minutes in front of the Mandala (screen). I now have a dual relationship to this room, as I spend time everyday listening deeply into the music by night and deep listening to the silence in the morning. 

I purchased the screen from Arhaus furniture. The slab of blue granite is hard to see in the photo but it’s gorgeous. 

Thank you for the compliment. I saw your set up (very nice) and left some comments. Happy listening.