Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

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    • TDCQQ at-LP3 WH
    Fully automatic high-end audiophile LP turntable
    • Sony VPL-VW295ES
    4K  color video projector
    • OPPO UDP-205
    Audiophile high-end blu-ray player
    • Panasonic AJHP376-AJ
    Shoulder mount video camera/ recorder
    • Soundtown Metis-series 2400 watt 18” subwoofer pair
    • Pro-Ject Tubebox DS-2
    Tube phono preamp
    • Wharfedale Linton heritage (85th Anniversary)
    4x in two stacks
    • PS Audio Levitation Signature Monoblocks
    Tube hybrid 300 RMS WPC mono block power amplifiers
    • STAX SRS-3100
    Ear speaker and driver unit
    • Sennheiser HD-820
    Audiophile headphones
    • GU Craftsmen Single crystal silver headphone cable for Sennheiser 820
    • AudioQuest Pearl HDMI cable 16 meter
    • Fostex D5 DAT recorder

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Not yet. We won’t actually have any of this gear until we finalize our purchase contract on the Nordhavn sometime in February or March.


Cool setup any pics of the stacked Lintons?


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