Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 10’

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    • TDCQQ at3LP WH
    Audiophile LP record turntable
    • Vincent Audio Equipment PHO-701
    Silver finished all tube phono preamp
    • Sony VPLVW885ES 4K
    High definition color color laser video projector
    • Vincent Audio Equipment SP332
    Hybrid power amplifier 2 X 150 RMS WPC
    • Sound Town METIS 2400 18” powered subwoofers
    Two in black oak finish
    • Stax Used Earspeakers
    Classic Stax electrostatic headphones
    • Sennheiser HD 820
    Closed-ear top of the line Sennheiser stereo headphones
    • Byerdtnamic A2
    Tube headphone amplifier
    • Soundsmith Carmen MK II ES
    Moving coil phono cartridge
    • Sumiko BlackBird
    High output MC phono cartridge
    • Audio-Technica ART-AT9XA
    Dual coil MC phono cartridge
    • Beyst Universal phono cartridge head shell holder
    Plastic case for phono cartridge storage
    • Ortofon 4x cartridge headshells
    • Clearer Audio Ltd. Essence
    Low-output MC cartridge with boron cantilever and microline stylus
    • Mehie Audio RCA 1-2 splitter
    RCA splitter; 24 kt  gold plated
    • SKW Subwoofer cable
    Multi-shielded single crystal silver subwoofer cable; 2 X
    • Wharfedale Linton heritage (85th Anniversary)
    4X in two stacks
    • CES CES-125 Banana plug to spade lug adapter, 2X
    • Hariier 5N solid single crystal fine silver audiophile speaker cables, stereo pair
    • Custom built by me Stereo width controller
    Per Elliott Source Audio design
    • AudioQuest Sydney
    3 meter RCA interconnect cable stereo pair
    • Divinyl RCA phono splitter cable, gold plated
    • Genine Craftsmen Solid single crystal silver extension cable for Sennheiser headphones
    • Sony NW-WM1A
    Walkman audiophile portable music player
    • Sony PHA-1
    Portable headphone amplifier
    • Pioneer RT 701
    Vintage reel to reel tape machine
    • JVC KDV-300
    Stereo cassette deck
    • Depushing U6 six-channel mixer
    I’m a professional drummer; and my wife Cindy is a singer and electronic keyboard player. We do duets and make DAT recordings that we Issas private-label audio CDs.
    • Middle Atlantic CAB-COOL50
    Professional DAT recorder
    • OPPO UDP- 203
    Ultra high-res blu-ray single disc player

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