Audiophile headphones

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

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    • TDCQQ at-LP3 WH
    Automatic audiophile LP turntable
    • Musical Fidelity M6s Pre
    Balanced phono preamplifier
    • Wharfedale Linton
    Quad red mahogany in 2 stacks; bi-wired
    • PS Audio Signature system hybrid mono block power amplifiers
    250 RMS WPC 8 ohm loads
    • Audiolab 6000N
    AM/FM stereo tuner
    • Custom-made Stereo width controller
    Per design from Elliott Sound Designs, AU
    • Sony MW-M1A
    High resolution audiophile portable music player
    • OPPO UDP-205
    Ultra high-end BluRay player
    • BUSUANZI Home Cinema Ceiling mounted video projector
    ANDROID-based with HDMI and blu-tooth inputs
    • JVC KD-V300
    Stereo cassette deck
    • Various Models
    Our MC cartridge collection
    • Stax Ear speakers
    High-end electrostatic headphones and Stax proprietary energizer
    • Sennheiser HD-820
    Glass ring radiator over-the-ear closed back stereo headphones
    • Viborg VA-803
    Solid single crystal RCA interconnect cables
    • AudioQuest 5N (99.9997% Ag) Silver 4K HDMI
    Single-crystal speaker cables
    1 pair, 18” 2400 watt powered subwoofers
    • SKW Single-crystal solid silver subwoofer cables
    • Donner DDP-300
    Cindy’s piano
    • AlecShop 6-channel 2,400 watt powered studio mixer
    • Ludwig Classic Oak DBL bass drum set
    I combined 2X Ludwig kits bought from Amazon with some racks from Gibraltar drum accessories and a couple of Avedis Zildjian cymbal sets to mimic the drum kit that Ginger Baker (my all-time FAVORITE drummer) used when he was the drummer for CREAM.
    • Vincent Audio SA-32 hybrid phono preamplifier
    • xDuoo MA-12 tube headphone amplifier with blu-tooth
    • Delta Black chrome AD-2 amplified radio microphone
    • YHXT 300 watt pirate radio transmitter and antenna
    Shipboard radio station; licensed in Papeete, French Polynesia
    • Darla’ Studio Model 66 Cherry-finished turntable stand
    • Penzonni Acrylic drum enclosure

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No; the Princess Cindy is an extremely stable vessel. We can use our turntable under weigh offshore in anything up to around 15’ seas!


Unusual to have turntables on a boat! Do you use vinyl only when docked in calm weather?


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