All but the Bluetooth adapter gotten used/demo from this and the other site. What a great way to shop! Everything came in great shape and works well. This is my second pair of MA speakers and I've been delighted both times. I know lots of folks are into vinyl and tubes, but as an elderly man I remember all too well the pops and crackles of vinyl and the frequently crashing tubes. I'm happy with this and only look forward to getting a solid streamer. To paraphrase the Talmud--Who has the best system? the person who is happy with what he has!

Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 12’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Monitor Audio PL100 II
    Stand mount, great sound. Work beautifully in this small, irregularly shaped room. Got them half-price/used from Spain, less that a year old. What a find.
    • Hegel Rost
    Integrated amp. Smooth sound. Plenty of power for my needs. Fine DAC.
    • PSB 450 Subwoofer
    Definitely makes the windows rattle and the floor shake on heavy duty classical.
    • T+A 1260 CD player
    Like everything else in this system, 1/2 price or less used. Works great, with some functions I can't even understand!
    • Mr. Speaker Ether headphones
    Incredible sound. Might well be the last headphones I ever buy.
    • Audioengine B1--Bluetooth adapter
    I'm sure not as good as a real streamer, but really not bad at all for getting Amazon HD and Idagio. I'll save up for the Cambridge streamer...

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Exactly.....t's all about being happy.  Besides... it really should be about the music and not the gear. Unfortunately it's not the case with many audiophiles, who have a very limited knowledge of music, not to mention wasting gobs of money and being sorry for it years later.  I have seen it many times.

So good for you.  I find your approach very refreshing.  Enjoy!