Update after few years !! Latest are Emm XDS1v2, Gryphon Antileon Signature Monos, and Update of Dartzeel latest updates, version C pre V2 and E power. 30T worth of Music on NAS and Aurender Player with Shunyata Electrical Filters. Of course Speakers are ProAc 100D NOS. Will connect Dartzeel Power to Dynaudio 25 years special soon!

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    • DCS Verdi La Scala
    DCS's SACD Transport
    • Esoteric P-0S
    Esoteric's Best Transport Ever..
    • DCS Elgar plus
    Has been satisfying to last bit..
    • DCS Purcell
    Need that 196Khz Upsampling..
    • Esoteric UX-1
    Best Multiplayer...SACD/DVD/CD
    • Nagra PL-P
    Swiss Made ... Phone Stage is just wonderful..Battery Powered.
    • Levinson No 32
    Will never sell this one...
    • Classe Audio SSP-60
    Just for AV
    • Krell FPB-650mc
    Loved them for a long long time..
    • Pass Labs XA200
    X-1000 Chassis with Pure A Class 200W
    • Nagra VPA
    Swiss Jewel with 845 KR Tubes..
    • Classe Audio CAV-500
    Just for AV
    • Wilson Benesch Bishop
    Best I have heard...
    • Sonus Faber Guarnieri Homage
    Italian Craftmanship...Strings are just real...
    • Avalon Acoustics Opus
    Just for AV
    • Magnum Dynalab MD-108
    Best Tuner on the planet...
    • Rega Planar-25
    I know I need a new one...
    • Teac V-8030s
    Just for Fun
    • Audio Quest SKY XLR
    Pretty Good...
    • Siltech Many G3 Series..
    • Audio Quest Volcano & Kilemanjaro
    • Wireworld Electra Silvers..
    Wish I could try Shunyatas..
    • B&W Nautilus HTM-1
    Center Speakers
    • Sonus Faber Guarnieri Stradivari
    Best of the Best
    • Eggleston Works Savoy
    The Best Vocal & Piano
    • Nordorst Vahalla
    Great Cables
    • Audio Quest Everest
    Great Cables
    • XLO Limited
    Great Cables
    • Nordorst Vahalla
    Best I 've Heard !
    • Dartzeel NHB-18NS
    Tube Solid Amp...better in many ways than Nagra.
    • Dartzeel NHB-108B
    Best Amp I have heard with Momento..
    • Sonus Faber Guarneri Momento
    Nice refinement over Homage
    • Sonus Faber Extrema
    I think these are wonderful speakers
    • ATC 7
    Driving these as rear speakers is not an easy task !!!
    • DCS Paganini Full Stack
    Clock yet to deliver
    • Kharma crm 3.2.2
    Very Nice Indeed
    • My 2015 current system . Gryphon Antileon Signature Monos.
    Sounds like system from heaven !
    • Audio Research Ref 250's before Gryphon . Audio Research Ref 250 Mono
    Sorry AR no match for Gryphon..
    • Aurender N10
    Best digital source
    • Avalon Acoustics Time
    My new addition .. Avalon Time!  Addios ProAc D100 .. miss you dearly.

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I also own a pair of Guarneri Memento. In my main system, Guarneri sounds absolutely superb. All the typical audiophile adjectives can be applied and better yet they convey music like nothing else. But moving my Guarneri to a less system and all of sudden it sounds average at best. So mating Guarneri with Dartzeel is not an overkill, Guarneri demands the best front end and performance will continue to improve with every upgrade in the front end.

If you can afford to pull Guarneri far away from the rear wall, they will reward you with huge soundstage and imaging.

I have heard both Strad and Savoy in a small room, Savoy does have more bass definition and either speaker should go to a very large room. You can try stuffing the rear port of Strad to reduce bass output, eliminate rear wall interaction, and improve bass definition.