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Dimensions: 12’ × 14’  Small
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Audio Note (UK) Meishu line silver
    Audio Note Meishu Line Silver Integrated Amp, with upgraded AN 4300E 300B Tubes
    • Audio Note (UK) AN-J SPe
    Audio Note J-Spe speakers
    • PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant 15
    Ps Audio Direct Stream Power Plan 15 power conditioner/regenerator
    • Auralic altair G1
    Auralic Altair G1 Dac/Streamer
    • Audio Note (UK) Sotto
    Audio Note Sotto pure silver interconnect RCA
    • Audio Note (UK) Lexus LX96
    Audio Note Lexus LX96 copper speaker cables
    • Shunyata Research alpha v2 NR power cord
    Shunyata Research Alpha V2 NR power cord, one running the PS Audio and one running the Auralic
    • Cardas Audio Clear Beyond
    Cardas Clear Beyong Power Cord, one running the Meishu and one running the VAC
    • Furutech NCF Booster Signal
    Furutech NCF Boster Signal cable elevator for speaker cables
    • VAC sigma 170iq integrated amp
    VAC Sigma 170iq integrated amp. This one is a backup when Meishu is being serviced or when want to play music at crazy loud levels.
    • Sound Anchors Speaker Stands
    Sound Anchors speaker stand for the AN-J Spe.
    • GIK Acoustics panels
    Gik Accoustics various panel, absortion, diffraction.
    • diffuser city diffuser panel
    Diffuser City wood diffuser panel.

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It's great to see another Audio Note system on the 'Gon.

The Meishu is supposed to be an excellent amp.