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Dimensions: 12’ × 14’  Small
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Audio Note (UK) Meishu line silver
    Audio Note Meishu Line Silver Integrated Amp, with upgraded AN 4300E 300B Tubes
    • Audio Note (UK) AN-J SPe
    Audio Note J-Spe speakers
    • PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant 15
    Ps Audio Direct Stream Power Plan 15 power conditioner/regenerator
    • Auralic altair G1
    Auralic Altair G1 Dac/Streamer
    • Audio Note (UK) Sotto
    Audio Note Sotto pure silver interconnect RCA
    • Audio Note (UK) Lexus LX96
    Audio Note Lexus LX96 copper speaker cables
    • Shunyata Research alpha v2 NR power cord
    Shunyata Research Alpha V2 NR power cord, one running the PS Audio and one running the Auralic
    • Cardas Audio Clear Beyond
    Cardas Clear Beyong Power Cord, one running the Meishu and one running the VAC
    • Furutech NCF Booster Signal
    Furutech NCF Boster Signal cable elevator for speaker cables
    • VAC sigma 170iq integrated amp
    VAC Sigma 170iq integrated amp. This one is a backup when Meishu is being serviced or when want to play music at crazy loud levels.
    • Sound Anchors Speaker Stands
    Sound Anchors speaker stand for the AN-J Spe.
    • GIK Acoustics panels
    Gik Accoustics various panel, absortion, diffraction.
    • diffuser city diffuser panel
    Diffuser City wood diffuser panel.

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I like this system!  Seems like the perfect kind of room for corner loading speakers like those. I’ve always wanted to hear the audio note speakers.


It's great to see another Audio Note system on the 'Gon.

The Meishu is supposed to be an excellent amp.



And Sound Anchors too I use those under mine great speaker stands!


Awesome looking system and great seeing another J user here! Is that finish apple or tulipwood maybe? Fun colorful space too!


Very cool.


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