I have a bunch of Phono Cartridge's and rotate the all the time. Here are my current favorites: AT-150MLX, I just installed my last off the shelf NOS Stylus on it.  AT-33PTG/II and a Hana EL.
My Mid-Fi AV is also in the room but not listed.

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    • B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) 801 Series 3
    My last speakers.
    • VTL 450MK2 Mono Blocks
    These amps replaced VTL 300 Deluxe Mono Blocks.  The 450 have Fault Protection and Auto Biasing features that were worth every penny.
    • McIntosh C2500 Full Function Tube Pre-Amp.
    This was my most recent addition and again worth every penny.
    • Jolida JD-9a Phono Pre-Amp (Tubed)
    I put shielding and Damping material in various interior locations. I've never liked the Moving Coil section, so I use a S.U.T.
    • Esoteric DV-50 Multi Format Digital Disc Player
    This is the device that changed the way I purchase equipment. No more "Giant Killers" and small firms.  I saved a lot longer and only looked at well respected companies that have very good customer service records.
    • Esoteric D-7 DAC
    The reviews at the time stated, it has to much bass.  My system is tube based, therefore it a great match.
    • Apple Mac Mini
    It's used with the Esoteric D-7 DAC.  It does not have access to the web. I don't use iTunes or Music for playback, I prefer Swinsian Music Player.  No renting music for this old man.
    • Technics SL-1200 mkII
    I got it off eBay in the early part of this century.  The arm was damaged when I got it.  I repaired myself, YouTube videos are great.  Later, thanks to the education I received making the repairs to the arm and knowing it was used for DJing, I put a Jelco 750 9" arm on it.
    • Denon m500
    The only think on this TT that's Denon in the label.  This TT is Hanpin all the way.  The Direct Drive motor is the same one used in the audio-technica LP1240. The original tone arm was weak so,  I put a Jelco 750 9" arm on it.  The motor is outstanding, well once they stripped the USB and other related crap off. I love the contraption.
    • Technics SL-1800 MKII
    I got it off a Facebook audio sales forum.  It was stored in a garage.  The dust cover is scratched up and the exterior plinth's vertical front side has nasty scratch.  Yet, under the dust cover it's perfect.

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I second the 801n. Never let them go


Love those 801's. Those were my first "Audiophile" speakers I bought. You never forget your first!


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