Visually innocuous, wife ignored, great sounding relatively inexpensive (for this forum, anyway) Roon/CD system that consists of: 
an Innuous Zenith MkIII server/ripper connected via a Wireworld ultraviolet 8 usb to a Bel Canto 2.7 DAC/Pre Amp, that is connected by a 0.5m pair of Wireworld Eclipse 8 XLR cables to a Bel Canto 500S amplifier, which is connected though Transparent Gen.5 Super speaker cables to a pair of PSB Imagine T2 speakers.
All components are connected to a Furman-15i power conditioner through Maze Ref.3 braided power cords.  A pair of Audeze LCD-1's are kept on hand for music that the family finds difficult to appreciate.  The router and ethernet switch are powered by iFi audio wall warts that cut the noise associated with stock wall warts and run through Cat-6 cable to a jack connected via a Cat-8 cable to the Zenith.

Room Details

Dimensions: 25’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Bel Canto DAC/PRE 2.7
    Pre-Amp, DAC
    • Bel Canto 500S
    Dual Mono Amplifier
    • Innuous Zenith MkIII 1tb
    Streamer, Server, Ripper
    • Transparent Audio Gen.5, Super
    speaker cables
    • PSB Imagine T2

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Thanks! the room is relaxing and the music sounds great.  Too loud for my wife though.  I just leave the Bel Canto and Innuous on 24/7 so music can be selected easily through Roon on the Tablet and the volume controlled with the BC remote (the BC DAC/pre does not have a 12v trigger).  BC recommends that their components be left on; right now, I'm not sure about the Innuous, but since it's basically a computer, I don't think it will be damaged.  Everything is run through the power conditioner though.