Never met a full range (driver) speaker I didn't like. Or a good 2 way. My ears seem to be sensitive to the splitting of signal into multiple drivers. Or, maybe it's just multiple drivers. I've owned many 3 ways and sold them all. I do like it loud at times, and these go plenty loud, esp the Zu, yikes.

Anyhoots, both rigs are setup in different rooms and ready to roll. Working from home means I listen to music for hours (many, like 6) every day. Ergo, I need my systems easy on the ears. Natural sounding. Couldn't care less about 'measurements' or 'neutrality' or whatever. I want a trumpet to sound like a trumpet is playing in my room.

Oh and: I'm new to vinyl, this year. Still figuring all that out, the adjustments, etc. Building up a nice jazz library. 

I recently discovered Blue Jeans cables and they're about half of all now. The rest: Anticables power cords, western electric power cord, some Mogami IC, some Schmidt IC, some Zu IC, one w.e. IC. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 25’ × 15’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Zu Audio Omen Def
    Big & sassy. Radian tweeters.
    • Tannoy Cheviot
    The current/modern version.
    • SVS SB-2000
    • Will Vincent Dynaco
    Will Vincent fully mod / rebuilt st70.
    • Digital Amplifier Company Classic Cherry
    Smooth like butter. Unlimited mustard.
    • NAD C658
    Landmark product. Will be hall of fame someday.
    • Pro-Ject Pre Box DS
    Tiny, works great.
    • Sony HAP-Z1ES
    • Denon DJ VL12
    • Schiit Audio Sol
    I love this thing. The engineering is fascinating.
    • Grado Opus3
    • Ortofon 2M Blue
    • Schiit Audio MANI
    phono stage
    • Vincent PHO-8
    phono stage

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@clwinbe do you have a tube amp to put on the Zu?


Really beautiful system. I live just a few miles from both Zu and RBH Sound. I traded into a pair of Zu cubes. They did so many things well, but sounded just awful with some recording. Have you enjoyed your pair?


Added the Luna pic for @b_limo    :)
Thanks all for comments!
Happy Festivus! 


Very cool setups!  Love ‘em both.  I see you’ve got a cat too.  They make the listening environment better in my opinion!  Your bitcoin reference hurts... they’re up to around $23k now for 1.  Could have been a millionaire had we jumped on that in the beginning.

Anywho, nice set-up for sure.  Happy Listening!


Just eyed your ZUs and systems ..... awesome mister!!


Love both your systems very cool! And great looking room too!


Great setup and a little jealous of all the space.  Love those Cheviots!


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