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Dimensions: 27’ × 15’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    • 1. Micro Seiki RX- (RY- RS-)1500G
    Multi tonearm belt drive Micro Seiki with heavy gun metal platter and R-15b rigid feet.
    • 2a. SME 3012R
    Steel tube, mid-heavy long tonearm, the classic solution.
    • 3a. Ortofon PW (Winfeld)
    The original Per Winfeld memorial cartridge, mounted on the SME-3012R.
    • 2b. Fidelity Research FR-64s
    The classic silver wired stainless steel heavy tonearm.
    • 3b. Ortofon SPU Gold Reference
    A high resolution SPU with Ortofon "Replicant" stylus, mounted on the FR-64S.
    • 2c. Audio Technica AT-1100
    Light-weighted tonearm, upgraded with optional "S" armtube and "W3" heavy counterweight, mounted on ASB-1 mounting base.
    • 3c. Large collection of vintage high quality MM and MI cartridges.
    For frequent swapping of cartridges of different brands and capabilities.
    (ADC, Audio Technica, B&O, Empire, Ortofon, Philips, Pickering, Stanton, Technics)
    • 4. Philips EG-9000
    Multi-input and multi-load step-up (SUT).
    • 5. Monk Le Petit
    Tube based phono pre-amp with 3 inputs.
    • 6. Technics Pro-series
    Vintage high-end components: Tuner, pre-amp, parametric equaliser, main amplifier and VU meter unit. All overhauled to original specification. Sounds very good again.
    • 7. Onkyo SC-2000
    Scepter series, efficient large 4 way loudspeakers, similar to vintage JBL monitors.
    15" woofers, cone mid.basses, horn loaded mid-drivers and horn loaded tweeters.

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Nice vintage set-up - enjoyable sound!


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