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    • Lovan Audio Steel isolation rack system
    • Microsoft Surface Pro FLAC server
    • Musical Fidelity V90 Dac
    • Upgrade Audio Linear Power Supply Mofi
    • AudioQuest power cables
    • Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 interconnects for analog
    • Analysis Plus Inc. Oval 9 spk
    • MIT Cables MI 330 interconnects
    • Gold Lion Input tubes
    • Tung-Sol KT120 Power Tubes
    • REL Acoustics T5i Subwoofer
    • Elac Debut Reference Speakers
    • Classe Audio CDP-3
    • Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Ultra Phono Stage
    • Sonic Frontiers SFS-80 Tube Amplifier
    • PrimaLuna Dialogue Three Preamp
    • Ortofon 2M Bronze
    • VPI Industries Scout 1.1

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Working from home doesn't have to suck!  Lol.
I've since changed out my amp to a Primaluna Dialogue Five with my old Svetlana Winged C Kt88s.  Love this combo because of the ability to run in Triode mode.  Didn't realize I was "that guy".  Triode still has a ton of detail but is real tubey and smooth.  I find the KT120s sound very solid state compared to this setup.  
Another late night at the office!


You “office system” guys are super smart. I can see it now... “honey, I’d love to watch escape to the country tonight with you but I am slammed with office work.  Yeah, it’ll
Probably be another late night at work sweetheart” 😂😂😂

Nice set-up Bro and don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!


Nice system and cool pic of the tube glow!


Nice photography job to capture your lovely tube glow!


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