This was the result of a year long journey to find new speakers.  I started a thread called Horn Speaker Recommendations and received over 200 responses.  Details to follow

My separate theater rrom is 15'D x20'W x10'H.  I have a Integra 11 channel receiver  / amp and Tekton Double Impact In-Wall front - center.  Two DI atmos speakers and 2 humongois DI subwoofers.  The projector is a Sony 695.

Room Details

Dimensions: 30’ × 20’  X large
Ceiling: 16’

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    • Viking Acoustic Grande Voix
    Dual Horn Wide Body
    • Tekton Design Double Impact
    Custom made In - Wall Double impact 5.2.2 system

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Great looking system Will but those amps the cost of retubing is crazy I hope they are easy on tubes. Looks good though love those Viking horns.


Will those Viking horns look awesome! Would love some system details as well and congrats!