Room opens into dining/kitchen on right side of listening area.  Lots of glass on two walls, but many houseplants, bookshelves, rug, and absorbent furniture prevents echo.  Ceiling is tall and sloping upward in direction of speakers and paneled with raw cedar -- helps reduce problematic reflections significantly.

System built since late 2019 year with mix of new and used components and tweaks.  Minimal dealer assistance -- assembled from reviews/forums/recommendations/serendipity with great success, although of course many iterations and revolving components to get here.  But Lucas from Lucas Audio Labs and Erik at Gig Harbor Audio have made stellar recommendations regarding front-end cables and speakers respectively.  Overall, have been striving for excellent digital front end and combination of great solid state and tube power amps for variety.

Speakers in front of corner of room rather than long/short walls to maximize overall room comfort and space.  Experience is relatively near-field, approx. 90" equilateral triangle from listening position.

Absolare Signature Integrated replaced EAR 868 and Nagra PSA/Wavestream Kinetics M100s in September 2021.  So much power, such a big 3D soundstage, so much texture!  Maybe the last amp I'll own.  Truly another league of high-end.  It's that good...

All-streaming digital-based system using Roon/Qobuz/Tidal.  Lampizator Atlantic TRP is my favorite DAC so far.  Custom Lucas Audio Labs music server/Roon server which sends USB out to DAC.  Can't recommend Lucas Audio Labs highly enough... 

Sold my Omega single-driver speakers + subwoofers, replaced them with Harbeth 30.2s, then Graham Audio LS 5/9s, now LS 5/5s (purchased new).  Incredible transparency, natural voicing, balanced sound with astonishing soundstage.  

Dedicated 30amp line with SR Orange and PS Audio plugs has been biggest non-component upgrade and dramatically improved the noise floor.  

Speaker cables and interconnects remain work in progress.  Will require some $$$ to support my Absolare...

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    • Absolare Absolare Signature Integrated v2
    Purchased used mid-2021.  Astoundingly good gear.
    • Graham Audio LS 5/5
    Purchased new 5/2021
    • Lucas Audio Lab Mini Server
    Custom Roon core/server with 1TB hard drive.  Separate chassis for power supply.  Running Roon for database management and streaming Tidal and Qobuz.
    • Tweek Geek Dark Matter Stealth Power Conditioner
    • High End Novum PMR Premium Mk.II x 2
    Resonator in center behind speakers and another behind listening seat for improved soundstage; I really can't say they're very effective for anything musical, but they look really nice.
    • Perfect Path Technologies Omega eMat x 2
    • Audio Illuminati Reference One
    2m power cords on power amps and DAC right now
    • Isoacoustics Oreas
    Under DAC, server.
    • IsoAcoustics Gaia II
    Under LS 5/5 stands.
    • Gig Harbor Audio Custom speaker stands
    • ASC (Acoustic Sciences Corporation) Iso Thermal Tube Trap
    Two traps nestled in two corners of the listening room.
    • Job Electronics 225
    My backup amplifier, and a damn good one at that.

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You are doing it right, @redwoodaudio .  A lovely room and system.