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Dimensions: 40’ × 25’  X large
Ceiling: 15’

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    • McIntosh XR100 Speakers
    • McIntosh MC402 Amplifier
    • McIntosh C50 Preamplifier
    • McIntosh MP100 Phono Preampifier
    • Linn Sondek LP12
    With Audio Technica VM750SH Cartridge
    • VPI Industries Prime Scout
    With Ortofon 2M Black Cartridge
    • JL Audio E112 Subwoofers
    • HP HP Pavilion Desktop Computer
    • Marantz 7007 Blu-ray / Super Audio CD Unviersal Player
    • Monster Power HTPS-7000

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I purchased the MP100 because of the 12' run to the C50 from the VPI TT.  It also allows more versatile to change from MM/MC cartridges on both TT.  I also use XLR connections from the MP100 to the C50.  Since your set up which is nice by the way is a short distance like my Linn Sondek LP12 to the C50 set up you will not gain any sound quality advantage from the MP100. If your going to add more turntables to your system or record vinyl to digital files I would recommend it.  Hopefully this helps you !


I like your set up. I noticed you have the C50 and VPI as I do. I also noticed you have the additional McIntosh phono preamp and had a question for you about it. 

I currently have my VPI connected directly to the phono MC input on the C50, is it worth it to get the additional box like your have? Is there a noticeable difference?


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Thanks for your comments, and to answer your question about McIntosh speakers.  I did not pay $10,000 for them which is the going price new.  They are a true 4 way full range speaker.  The sound stage is amazing no matter what music you choose.  Are they worth $10,000 ? Absolutely !  Hope this helps.


I love Mcintosh And you have a very good looking setup . I have a question as Ive never heard the Mcintosh speakers . Do you feel they are worth the money ? I currently have Mc452 C2600 & sophia 3 s . I was never blown away by the sophias and often wondered about those mac speakers ...  Congrats on a wonderful sound system.


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Sounds like you have a nice system !  Thank you for the comments, its hard to turn off it sounds incredible at any volume or music source.  I'm 61 yrs old and retired and have been a McIntosh fan for a long time !


Love the Big Macs! I've got the 402 and C2200. Looking for another 402 and bridge them for my Piega C10 LTDs. Nice system!


Impressive system!! I love seeing big mac stacks

PS you should continue to use more and more current stereo pics as your desktop. It will be a picture within a picture, within a picture, within a picture, etc...


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