We recently moved into a newly-constructed home and I was able to have this "bonus room above the garage" included.  The system sounds awesome in this new room!  I'll probably not add any room treatments!

Room Details

Dimensions: 19’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • McIntosh Mc452
    Power Amp
    • Roon Labs Nucleus Plus
    Streaming Server
    • PS Audio PerfectWave DirectStream DAC
    • PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player
    • PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant 15
    • McIntosh C2500
    Tube Preamp
    • Focal Sopra 2
    • JL Audio F113-V2
    Sub Woofers
    • Wireworld Cabling
    • Sennheiser HD 800
    Headphones with Wireworld Custom Cable

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Thanks for all the kind words and helpful suggestions.

We moved about 500 miles from the home we lived in since 1984, into a newly constructed home we had built (and somewhat customized).  Long-story-short, "we're not doing that again!"

My audio equipment and cabinet (for some reason) was loaded first, so it came off last from the mover's truck.  I let them know about the weights of the audio equipment (in factory cartons), so they wouldn't hurt themselves, carrying that up the 15 step staircase, up to my "bonus room".  The cabinet was custom built by an Amish craftsman about 30 years ago, and the movers noted it's weight, as they were hoofing that up the steps!

When we are more settled and I have more time, I'll use the REW software and the miniDSP UMIK-1 calibration microphone to see if I can further "tune" the room.  I used that to fiddle with the handoff of the sub woofers and speakers.  My listening room in our former home had terrible bass response and this combination helped me place the 10 bass traps to create what my wife called my "padded cell".


Nice setup.
But I agree with waddallen - you need to get a audio stand for the power amp and the power plant. Not knowing that stand you have there -  the troubling part is - lets hope that moster amp and power plan do not crush it.
I have to agree with lalitk on the GIK. But like you said proceed with caution and experiment.
Congratulations on the new home and enjoy your music!


The listening room in our former home had a terrible bass response, that had to be tamed with 10 bass traps, strategically placed in the corners, on the walls and hanging from the ceiling.
This new room sounds so good, I'm going to "give it a rest" for now, after I get used to the system in it's new digs, might consider some room treatments, but unlike my former listening room, it's not at all asking to be "fixed".
I used bass traps from ATS Acoustics, another great company to deal with.


Killer system. I agree with you on room treatment. Try to get the amp and Power Plant on the floor stands and experiment with sub(s) placement.


“My system sounds awesome.....I'll probably not add any room treatments!”

That’s exactly what I thought when I moved into my new home. Your electronics are way too good to not exploit their full potential. My whole room treatments from GIK Acoustics cost only $1500...I can say unequivocally, the best $1.5K investment I’ve made among other things in my room. 

Congrats on your new home and great system. 


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