Main system: standmount speakers, tube DAC, line stage, and amp; streamer and CD transport. Secondary amplification, solid state integrated amplifier.

Room Details

Dimensions: 35’ × 14’  Large
Ceiling: 7’

Components Toggle details

    • Quicksilver Line Stage Preamplifier
    2020 model.
    • Quicksilver Mono 60s
    2020 model.
    • Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport: Version 1
    Purchased 2020 but v. 2 was out already.
    • MHDT Laboratory Orchid
    2020 model
    • Salk Sound SS-6M
    Designed and built in 2020.
    • REL R 328
    Purchased used, 2020.
    • Bluesound Node 2i
    2020 model
    • Audience Adept Response AR-2p
    • Shunyata Research Venom Defender
    • Wiremold Legrand Power Strip
    Nothing fancy.
    • Porterhouse Audio Porter port
    Outlet plug.
    • Analysis Plus Inc. Copper Oval-In
    Various other AP wires, connects here.
    • AudioQuest Type 4 Speaker Cable
    • Atoll Electronique IN 200 SE
    Atoll integrated amplifier

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Thanks denverfred! Can't wait until Denver opens up again -- see you around!


Good work Hilde! Nothing works quite as well as keeping it simple and going for quality.


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Thanks, Technick and b_limo. Don Sachs makes great, great stuff. Glad to hear it pairs well with QS because I could imagine trying a preamp of his. Or a deHavilland.


Beautiful rig, man! Quicksilver stuff is great. I own a pair of mid monos and had a Don Sachs preamp and a Tavish phono, and I love it. 
That diagram of your listening space is very well done. Cool playlist too! 
Bravo on all fronts! Enjoy your rig, dude! It’s a beaut! 


Hey Bro, the systems lookin’ great!  Quite the journey we’ve both been on over the past year.  I remember when we first started talking and you were were considering the wow1.  The wow1 might be the best bargain I’ve come across with regards to driver cost vs selling price.  Just off the charts with the wow1.

Anyhow, congrats on putting together a really nice system.  I bet when you started this journey, you didn’t plan on having something like you’ve got now.  I sure didn’t think my rig would be where it’s at now after just 1 year.

Not much else to do now except to enjoy the music and share the knowledge you’ve gained.  Enjoy!


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I'm just seeing the comments here on this page -- was viewing them on thread before.
Thanks to all for your nice comments. For the few questions, let me try to answer...

@jond The Salks are 14 inches deep: 20x14x9, overall.

@douglas I keep the speakers at a fairly wide separation -- 8-9 feet apart. They're only closer here so they can fit into the photo.

@fatdaddy2 Thanks -- there is really no first reflection with sidewalls with these Salks. The problem (if I can call it that) is the low ceiling.

@el34 I did a little research and cannot easily determine if they are transmission line speakers. They're front ported for sure -- maybe that implies they are transmission lines? Out of my depth here.

@toro3 Glad the playlist and diagram were good additions. It's quite hard for us to project ourselves into another's system with photos of gear; I was hoping that some additional elements might offer some insight into what I chose.


Nice system! Love the exposed brick and those Salks look cool, are they as deep as they appear in your photo?


Congratulations! Nice advancement of the rig! 

You have changed the speaker location significantly. Have you tried to return to the wider placement? Why not have two "settings" for different experiences? :) 


Nice job setting up a good nearfieod arrangement within a particularly difficult acoustic space!  I'm using Salk Veracity's in my den system, so know how special those Salks can sound.  Enjoy!


Great room and system!  Happy Listening!


Very nicely and thoughtfully put system. Congratulations! I am sure you are having tons of fun listening to it.


Looks excellent. Enjoy the heck out of it!


Near field listening, nice work.


Well done, looks great!!

Enjoy in good health, 


Nice room, Man, brick is a cool look.

Can't imagine it could sound anything but great. Not familiar with the Salk speakers, is that a transmission line design?  Quicksilver amp/preamp probably the best sound per dollar out there. I had a pair of V4 amps once upon a time in my audio journey and they were stunning. I've since simplified things, but I do miss them from time to time.



I agree that is a nice looking speaker...Wow..

I like it. Nice components, very clean.

Everytime I see someones system, I think "I sure would like to try that".

Always something.. Time for a meeting.. SA, Stereos Anonymous..LOL


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Appreciate the playlist and the diagram - both rare on this page. Would love to hear some Salks one of these days. Great looking speakers.

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