An evolving system from past decade, with the Rega turntable, Almarro integrated, and Klipsch Heresy speakers being three foundational supports throughout. 

This is my second set of Klipsch Heresy speakers-- sold a really nice set of 1980s Heresy II for space reasons (replaced with the small Rega bookshelf speakers). The Rega set never came to life for me (powered either with Almarro or the Dayens), so I eventually carved out more space and replaced with the current 1978 Heresy pair. They arrived with the custom white paint job and mirror stands-- I love them. 

System located in small listening "nook", but also provides great music for the larger "railroad" style apartment. 

At the moment, I'm using the Dayens as an occasional headphone amp (modified by another Audiogon user). I do also have an older Dynavector P75; I rotate the between various combos possible with two sets of integrated and phono preamps, but do always come back to the current all-analogue setup.

My listening seems to mostly include 1960s / 1970s chamber jazz + the parallel music that was being recorded in Italian studios for film soundtracks + "loft" disco / early electronic music. 

Next steps: trying some new valves, and perhaps upgrading to Ortofon Blue? The current  OM5E was bought a year ago as a very budget replacement for my old worn Dynavector 10x5. But I'm very happy with the sound; maybe don't mess with a good thing?

Meanwhile I do also have been meaning to order new Bob Crites crossover / caps for the Heresy speakers. Does not seem strictly necessary to my ears now, but probably a good 10 year maintenance idea?

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    • Ortofon OM 5E
    • Rega P3-24
    • Rega Turntable Wall Shelf
    • Rega TTPSU-2
    • Yaqin Audio MS-22B
    Amperex Bugle Boy ECC88
    • Blue Jeans Cable BJC LC-1
    • Almarro Products 205 MkII
    JJ Electronics EL84
    Electro-Harmonics 12AX7EH
    • Blue Jeans Cable BJC Ten White
    • Klipsch Heresy
    On custom disco-dad mirror stands (vintage)
    • Dayens Ampino
    With modified headphone jack
    • Sony MDR-7506

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Nice setup! I’m also a fan of Dayens and keep coming back to my Ampino monoblocks. Something about their tone and clarity really does it for me. My speakers are really transparent and I’m using a simple (wild understatement) passive pre, so I really hear their sonic signature. I keep recommending the ampino integrated to friends.


Oops, forgot to compliment your setup.  It's well considered and I'll bet very satisfying to listen to.


I owned a pair of Heresies after a Klipsch fanatic friend convinced me to get them.  I never quite warmed up to them, but eventually got a pair of Cornwalls, which I liked a lot--and then sold/traded them back to the Klipsch fanatic.  I suspect I never really gave the Heresies a proper setup, and I'll bet the Almarro amp is a crucial component.


Really cool little space, it looks great I would think the Crites crossover would be more a good low cost way to improve your sound rather than just maintenance. Also rolling better tubes into that Almarro would pay immediate dividends.


I love this space you carved out for your stereo.


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