I wanted to show off my new cabinets. These started life as altec 828 cabinets set up in an A7 configuration. They now have new 416 drivers from Great Plains. The Large horns are from a gentleman in Vietnam who builds replica altec 1505 horns from walnut. The smaller horns are from Markus Klug of Klugerhorn in Germany. The horn drivers are Altec 288 for the mids, and Faital pro HF10AK for the super tweeters. Tying it all together are custom 3 way crossovers inspired by the Jean Hiraga design, and built by Pete Riggle of Riggle Audio Engineering. They allow the super tweeter to be turned off via a toggle switch and the crossovers then function as a stock altec A5 setup. The Hiraga notch filter has a 0, 2, and 4 db reduction depending on the position of the switches.  I'm powering them with a Sun Audio clone 2A3 amplifier and it sounds quite nice.  The subwoofer is a GSG Devastator with a 21" Lavoce driver. It is going to the shop next week to be veneered. It is an amazing sub that I built from a flatpack. Thanks for looking !!  Adrian 

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    • McIntosh 7100
    • mcintosh C47
    • thorens td318
    • Dual 1229
    • sun audio clone 2A3, 45, 46 Single-ended Amplifier
    • Behringer 3000dsp
    • SVS PB16 Ultra
    • GSG Devastator
    • Kenwood M1D
    • JBL L200
    • Altec Lansing Model 15
    • Altec Lansing A5 500/8

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Hell of a good job getting this all put together! It could only be better if it was sitting in my living room instead of yours!

I'd love to hear your horns with my 3C24 amp driving them. Did you have much interaction with Pete while having your crossovers built? He has a very sneaky, devious sense of humor at times. I wonder if you got to experience him at his worst (best). Enjoy you enviable system!

Best regards,

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Totally awesome! Love the horns and the zebrano? finish on the cabinets. Serious crossover too it must sound amazing!


Very impressive... that's a serious system!


Wow!!!!!!!! Those horns!!!!!!!!!! Your system is stunning.


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