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    • Symposium Acoustics Isolation Platform
    ISO Segue under TT
    Svelte+ with Rollerball 2 under streamer
    Svelte+ with Finite Elemente Cera-Slimline under preamp
    Fat Padz under Phono PSU
    Fat Padz under TT PSU
    • Alto-Extremo Isolation Platform
    Exact 2 feet under Phono Stage
    Exact 2 feet under Power Conditioner
    Lyd 2 feet under amp
    • WyWires, LLC Silver level cables
    All AC, XLR interconnect and speaker cables
    • Torus Power AVR-20
    Power Conditioner
    • ProAc Studio 150
    Speakers in light Oak
    • Krell Evolution 302e
    • Ayre Acoustics KX-R
    • Audia Flight FL Phono
    SS Phono Stage
    • Aurender A10
    Digital storage, streamer, DAC
    • Dynavector Karat 17D3
    • Michell Engineering Girodec
    Turntable with standard Michell (Rega) arm
    • Custom Isolation Products Ultrasonic Racks
    Equipment racks

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Cool system! I feel like I'm seeing Audia Flight gear pop up a lot lately, how do you like the phono stage? Killer rack too!


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