In this room, there are two systems.  A 2-Channel stereo system, and a separate Home Theater system for movies. These two systems only share the subwoofers.  The 2-Channel system has been my hobby for the last 25 years.  It has gone through many reincarnations, and still a work-in-progress, but I can't believe the level of sound quality that it has reached.  My frame of reference has always been a Jazz ensemble playing on a stage right in front of me, or a live performance in a closed space. When I raise the volume loud enough and set the lights real dim or my close my eyes, I can imagine the performance in my room.  It's an amazing feeling.  Each component in the system has added something special to that image over time.

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 28’  X large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Aurender N10
    • Esoteric K-01
    • Simaudio MOON Evolution P8
    • JL Audio F113
    • Balanced Audio Technology Rex Power Amps
    • JL Audio CR1 Crossover
    • Synergistic Research Powercell 10 SE Mk III
    • Synergistic Research cables
    • UpTone Audio Etherrengen
    • Revel Ultima Salon2
    • JMLab-Focal Cobalt Speakers for HT
    7 channels speakers for HT
    • Denon Receiver for HT

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System Update: The Paul Hynes power supplies finally arrived and installed on all the main Network components.  Now let the SQ comparisons begin!

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Hey @wyshak, looks like I missed your comment earlier.  Thank you :)

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System Update: UK based Paul Hynes Design just finished manufacturing 3 new linear power supplies for me! They took a while to make but hopefully will be worth it. Intent is to see if further enhancements can be obtained to the output of the house network backbone. One of the LPSs will be used to power the Etherregen. The other 2 will be used on upstream network components.  The 3 are expected to arrive in a couple of weeks!

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I did not think that t was difficult - aside from moving those beasts around :).

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Thanks for your response!  Was it difficult to dial in the JLs?



Hi @camb  

Sounds like a nice set up you have.

The key for me was adding the JL CR-1 crossover which the MOON P8 now outputs to directly.  The CR-1 allows for a much better subwoofer integration.  It has ‘bi-directional’ filters separating output frequencies - hence limiting bottom-end duties to the amps and speakers.  So, the Salon2s got relieved of the super high current bass burden, and the mids and highs sound reproductions began to shine even more.  Fidelity was increased. I would never have believed it had I not experienced it!   And even though the Salon2s also have really good bass reproduction, the JLs are made for bass, they are hard to compete with [for the money] when it comes to bass.

But there are many risks when doing this.  Obviously, there are room considerations.  Also, if subwoofer integration and phasing is not perfect, it can ruin SQ terribly.   Also, very important to me was that speaker imaging was not lost.  There are obviously extra costs/cabling/components/complexity involved. Etc.

Hi @mammothguy54 

Thank you.  Good question.  My answer might be underwhelming but I just never got around to it :)  I guess I thought it would be too cumbersome to bring in a REX pre. 

I did own the VK-31SE and the VK-51SE in the past (enjoyed them) and recently even considered the ‘revolutionary’ designed VK-53SE.  

But at the end of the day, the MOON P8 (as it sits synergistically with the rest of the system) leaves me with no desire to switch anytime soon.  The P8 is extremely good and it is ready to go right away, all the time!

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Awesome system, very nicely done!  I am curious why you chose the Simaudio P8 rather than the matching BAT Rex preamp.  Those two are such a perfect match.  You must have considered it so I am curious of the reason to choose the P8.  Thank you in advance, for your response.


Nice system!  I also have a P8 - great pre-amp!  I drive my Revel Studio2s with a Simaudio W8.  I was wondering if you can comment on what adding the JL subs did to the performance your Salon2s?  Also, how are the JLs connected? Is there a sub output on the P8?  Is there a low pass filter taking some bottom  end duties away from the Salon2s and passing them on to the subs?  I’m curious the benefit of adding subs to my system.  Thanks!



Hello @frozentundra!

Regarding system SQ between Pass and 'BAT' Rex Amps...  This is a loaded question :)

I will try to answer best I can.


Firstly, I think Pass and BAT are two amazing top notch Amp manufactures.  Neither company settles when it comes to sonics and build quality.  I've owned several BAT and Pass amps in the past (along with other brands).  I had the BAT VK120 monos (sweat sounding), then VK260 Solid state, then Pass Labs XA60 (excellent), then Pass X350.5, then Pass X250.8, followed by BAT VK110SE, VK 150SE and finally to REX monos (my current amps).  In general, I would say to me the BAT house sound slightly warmer.  Pass more neutral. 


One consideration for me is amp warm-up time.  As many people know, the Salon2 speakers are not easy drive, all my Pass amps needed a good 2 hours of warm up to really drive them.  The BAT monos on the other hand, would grab the Salons by the (you know what) after just a couple of minutes of warm up.  That's important to me because I can’t always plan my listening sessions ahead of time. 


However, the REX Monos are also especially transparent.  Hearing them in my system was the first time that I understood what the term 'holographic' should mean, especially at the top registers.  The REX monos jived incredibly well with MOON P8 pre and Esoteric K01.  With REX, the system sounded, even lighter and more musical. The sound quality more ‘piercingly lush’, even at significantly lower volumes.  It took me a long time to match these components in order to create this kind of sound quality.

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Very cool setup!  My last name is Wyshak so it's good to know there's more Shak's out there!


How did the system SQ change when moving away from the Pass to the REX amps?



Looks very nice interested in separate ht setup.

I wish component description were more detailed so I understood what item does. Kinda frustrating.


Hi @jond, thank you, it is nice to be in that room even when nothing is playing because it is very quiet.  Yes, thanks for clarifying.... I had the Pass stuff very recently and changed for the P8 and BATs.  I also just recently got the Aurender so will need to put up some more pictures.

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Hey Shak awesome looking system and very cool theater room! Love the seating and the atmosphere and lots of great gear. You list the Simaudio P8 in your gear list but I see a pic of a Pass preamp also that you don't mention? Former gear perhaps? Thanks for sharing!


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