Beautifully matched system that was such a huge soundstage. Sweet high end, superb low end. This company makes a system like no other.  The low end is life altering. I scared the hell out of the crew putting on a new roof. My sub test patterns shook the roof.

Room Details

Dimensions: 25’ × 15’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Nakamichi PA-1
    Beautifully restored five channel Nakamichi amp.
    • Rotel RSP-1572
    4K theater preamp with incredible features.
    • RBH Sound SX-T2/Reference front speakera
    This is an incredible speaker system that plays from 18Hz-20KHz. The sound is breathtaking. My set have the Scan Speak 9500 series tweeters. Wonderful.
    • RBH Sound SX-6100C/Reference
    One of the ultimate center channels made. Four reference 6.5” woofers and three Scan Speak 9500 series tweeters.
    • RBH Sound SI-770/Reference back channels
    Two wall mounted Reference LCR speakers
    • RBH Sound SA-400 Subwoofer amps
    These twin amps power the reference sub sections of the T2 stack. They are conservatively rated end push tremendous current.

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