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    • Pass Labs INT 150 Integrated
    Solid state that sounds like tubes.
    • conrad - johnson PV10A, MV 75 A1 Preamp/Power amp
    Tubes. You hardly ever see the MV75A1 for sale, for good reason.
    • VPI HW19 Mk 4/Well Tempered Arm/Grado Sonata Turntable/Arm/Cartridge
    Old School, high value.
    • Marantz/Njoe Tjoeb CD Player
    Tube output, great sound. You rarely see these for sale, either.
    • Graham Audio LS5/8 BBC Spec Monitor
    The greatest speakers you never heard of. A modern take on the original BBC LS5/8 monitors, designed by Derek Hughes (Spendor). If Graham would get its marketing act together, people would be lining up to buy these (and the LS 5/9's). 1 of perhaps 10 pairs of LS 5/8's in the US.

    Stands custom made by a friend in exchange for a bottle of small batch Kentucky bourbon.
    • Nordost Norse Series and Synergistic Research Foundation cabling. Speaker/Interconnect cables
    Foundation cables may be the bargain of the year.
    • AcousTech Phono Stage
    Designed by Ron Sutherland (recently replaced Schiit Mani)
    • Pass Labs Mini Aleph Clone (Kit)
    The most musical sounding amp in the house - albeit the smallest. 12 WPC, single ended Class A

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Awesome looking system el34 and way to get off the merry-go-round! Love the look of those Graham's I bet they sound fantastic!