Just a small office system. Not a lot invested as I have purchased all of these components used. I've been thru several Sub's but I always go back to my Anthony Gallo. My interconnects are all Monster Power. The AR Speakers are quite old but in pristine condition & still sound terrific.

Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: N/A

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    • Anthony Gallo Acoustics TR-2
    • Acoustic Research 312HO
    • Cambridge Audio ID-100 Ipod Dock
    • Peachtree Audio NOVA
    • Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6
    • Apple Classic 80G
    • Monster Power HTS 1600

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My room is a little small for the AR's but they do fill the room nicely. I know, I need to get some treatments for the walls. All 4 walls in the room are concrete w/ no windows, so they do dampen a little bit. I previously had a pair of Peachtree Audio D-5's but they aren't very efficient (85db) & seemed power hungry. I've always used Solid State Integrated Amps in the past but I like the sound of the Peachtree Tube, it seems warmer. Thanks for your comments.


Nice gear, I bet those Acoustic Research's sound massive in that room!

I've always liked Peachtree products, especially the early models. How do you like your Nova?


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