Room Details

Dimensions: 13’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Spendor A4
    • Accuphase E-270
    • Technics SL1200G
    • iFi Audio iPhono 3
    • Ortofon Kontrapunkt B
    • Nagaoka MP-500
    • PS Audio DirectStream DAC
    Bridge II
    • PS Audio Stellar Power Plant P3

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Hey Rob nice looking simple setup I get Accuphase and Spendor sound great together!


Thank you all for the nice words.

@archguy Yes, it's Cinque printed on canvas.  I had another acoustic panel up previously but wanted something nicer to look at. 

@b_limo Glad you're enjoying the Belles!  I do miss it.  I chose Accuphase mainly because I've never owned one before.  I've had a few Luxman amps too, they are a bit similar sounding.


Nice Accuphase!  What swayed you to go Accuphase?  Luxman and Accuphase seem to be making some really nice integrateds.

I’m loving the Belles so Thanks again 👍.  Maybe when it’s time to let the Accuphase go you get ahold of me!


Beautiful system and is that Cinque Terre on the wall?  Much more appealing than a television screen.  Also: probably my favorite of the Accuphase integrateds.  My compliments.

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Very nice system you got there. Nice layout and room and the Spendor matches the rack. Happy listening.


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