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    • Yamaha AS-2100
    Integrated with Built in Phono
    • Neat Acoustics Motive SX3
    • GEM Dandy Polytable
    Belt driven
    • Jelco SA-750d
    • Luna Cables Orange SUT
    Step-up transformer
    • Luna Cables RED Speaker Cables
    Bliss - full bodied
    • Sim Audio 300d
    DAC - rarely used.  When used, I run Roon.

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Great looking room and cool setup!


Hi Chris, 

Thanks for the nice comments.  I've used quite a bit of treatment throughout the years and the results have varied....

I presently use the corner treatment as you've mentioned, I also use Vicoustic ceiling diffusors near the couch I sit on - there is a bulk head above me and that seemed to have helped a bit - I say a bit because I don't really like diffusors as a principle.  On the left side wall I use Primacoustic panels...they don't look so hot so I'm thinking down the road I'll pickup some Vicoustic panels for that wall.  

I'm ok with a room becoming part of the system if it's done very modestly.  Unfortunately I have some problem areas in my room that simply can't go un-addressed.  I would say the room on the balance is good.  I guess part of me agrees with the late Art Dudley that a room is a room and it's part of the system.   

Thanks for the link of the BDI stand.  The BDI stand isn't so great when it comes to audio (the IKEA butchers block with a mixture of cork and blutak helped).  I just like the look of the BDI stand so I decided one day - that's what I'm going to buy.  I actually disable the VU meters on the amplifier because it's just another circuit that is running that isn't helping with the music.  I do, sometimes, turn them on and watch them ramp up and down like windshield wipers on a rainy day.  


Great looking system and space! I'm curious as to what room treatments you have; I see your echo busters in the corner.

I have that same BDI stand. I really like the way your rug lines up with yours, it pleases my brain haha. You can remove the top/center drawer, I have my amp in that space (here's a link for how it looks: ). It helps keep the top clutter free, but also lets you show off more gear... and that Yamaha is worth showing! Let those meters be seen!

Again, great looking setup! It must truly sing.


Beer (craft) is the beverage of choice but yes - hours have been spent listening to Jazz from the 50-60’s, Electronica from Boards Of Canada to St. Germain, rock from Beck to Yo La Tengo and everything in between.


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Nice job. It just screams, sit back, glass of wine and immerse into the beautiful music. Thanks for posting.


Love it bet it sounds nice.


Thanks man


Beautiful setup and room!  Awesome job.  Love the simplicity and I love those yamahas.  I have yet to see or hear one bug they look awesome!

I’ve never seen anyone else besides me use isoacoustics in addition to stands.  Isoacoustics are awesome!

Anyways, great job Bro!


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