I think this system gives me the most joy as it was all put together from Thrift shop purchases. I can blast my music while I sort laundry or play sultry jazz while I drift off to sleep. It may not be the "most" resolving but it is a very pleasing sound. Love, love, love it!

$25  speakers
$35  amp
$ 7  CD player
$ 6  remote for CD player (from amazon)
$50  wood & varnish for stands
$123  the whole system

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    • Yamaha R-S300 integrated amp & receiver
    Bargain find at a local thrift store at $35. I couldn't resist.
    • Sony BDP-S370 blue ray/ DVD/ CD player
    This cost me a whopping $7. I bought one for my son also.
    • JBL S38 speakers
    $25 bargain at our local thrift store. I love, love, love these speakers. They can rock and roll or play quiet night-time music. I feel like a teenager again with my bedtime music ritual.
    • DIY Speaker Stands
    The wood and stain cost almost as much as they music system they support.
    • Aiwa Powered subwoofer
    $5 bargain. I have never had a subwoofer before, so this was a splurge (ha). I have the volume turned waaay down, but that little bit of body in the sound makes quite a difference. Magic!

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You got a lot for a little money.  I’m like b_limo, I look in thrift stores locally and haven’t found much.  Pawn shops are a different story, but I’d have to pony up more money than what you paid, though could still be good buys.


You gotta be kidding!
That's awesome stuff, especially since you enjoy it man. That's the only thing that matters. Good for you.
BTW, yours must be the first system where the rack costs more than any individual component. :-)


Man, I’ve gone through periods of searching thrift shops and nothin’.  Thats a sweet little set-up from the thrift store.   Hmmm, maybe I have a little time tomorrow to go looking...


Way to go!  I dig the stands, too. Enjoy.


The most important thing is that you enjoy it.

Cheers and enjoy the music. 


Nice collection of scores, especially those speakers! It's always hard to thrift store speakers without finger dents in the drivers.

Finding 2nd hand hifi gets addicting... I once found a 4ch Adcom for $10! Happy hunting!


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