Mostly really old gear that we brought over from England. Other than the raspberry pi everything runs on 240v and 50Hz, so it is all connected via a big heavy transformer. I love the sound of this system though.

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Dimensions: 20’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 11’

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    • Rotel RA-820bx (1980's integrated amplifier)
    This was the cornerstone of my husbands hifi system from our university days. He auditioned every component and did lots of research. Although none of the components were hugely expensive, this amp apparently won awards for it's audio quality. There are no tone controls on this - just volume and input selection.
    • Kenwood DP-460 (1980's CD player)
    This was the only separate component that could be removed from my university days hifi system. It's not as good as my husband's Marantz, but works well in this system.
    • Tannoy Mercury
    Again, these were my husband's speakers from our university days (1980's). Auditioning speakers into the thousands of dollars range, it was hard to find something that I liked more.
    • Raspberry Pi/ HiFiBerry RPi 3+ with HiFi Berry DAC Pro+ hat
    This raspberry pi 3+ with hifiberry dac pro+ is able to play our hi-res flac files streamed from our hard drive attached to a raspberry pi zero W. I'm looking forward doing an A/B test with this and our RPi3+ with a JustBoom digi hat and a Schiit Modi 3 DAC. Haven't done that yet, so it will be interesting.

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