Really amazed at the improvement in sound we are getting now that we have swapped our multi-channel amp for the Rogue Sphinx v3. Looking forward to the arrival of our Zu Omen II Dirty Weekends.

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    • Raspberry Pi/ JustBoom RPi 3+ with a JustBoom Digi+ Hat
    Great setup - using the Schiit Modi 3 this little combo produces a higher quality sound than our CD player. I have a raspberry pi zero W attached to a portable hard-drive with all my flac files on. I can then stream my music to the Pi/JustBoom combo in hi definition using Volumio software. I can play a multitude of web-radios or podcasts and if I wanted to subscribe to Roon it could also be a roon endpoint. The pi and justboom digital processor are powered by a generic 5v battery bank.
    • Energy C-300B-1 Tower Speakers
    We bought these speakers around 2010 as part of a surround sound system. We have never been pleased with the result. Hence we started our audiophile journey at the beginning of 2020 when we pulled out our 30+ year old system and really enjoyed the sound quality. Hence, these speakers will be bumped when we get our new speakers - Zu Omen Dirty Weekends.
    • Schiit Audio Modi 3 - digital to analogue converter
    John Darko raved over this DAC as a solid entry into the hifi arena. This thing is small and works well.
    • Marantz CD65II Special Edition - CD player from the 1980's
    This is my husband's CD player from our student days. He spent hours auditioning all his components and spent all his money on them too. However, 30+ years later, we are enjoying them once again.
    • Rogue Audio Sphinx 3 Integrated Amplifier
    Watched great reviews by the Audiophiliac. This was the amp recommended by Sean Casey to match the Zu Omen Dirty Weekend speakers that we have on order. This amp has made a huge difference to the audio through our current poor Energy speakers. I never imagined the amp would make such a big impact.
    • DIY Bass traps/ sound absorbers
    Made 8ft bass traps using a wooden from and topped with Safe'n'Sound accoustic insulation.
    • Play Station PS3
    Connected a PS3 to the TV to be used basically as a blue-ray player. Originally we used it to stream videos, but now we use a Roku stick we don't use it for that purpose any more.

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Nice system you have there. Having room treatment is part of the battle. Happy listening.


That's a tidy, and I'll bet satisfying system, Jayne!  Happy to see you're even looking at room treatments.  

I'm betting all my bucks that a couple of years from now you'll have sautered together an amp from scratch. :-)  


I've always loved Rogue gear... I'm sure your upcoming Rogue/Zu combo will sufficiently blow your mind!


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