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    • Gryphon Mirage
    • Gryphon Colloseum Mono's
    • Hansen Audio King v2
    • DCS Rossini Player/DAC
    • DCS Rossini Clock
    • Acoustic Signature Ascona Mk1
    • Kuzma 4 Point 11 Tonearm
    • Benz Micro Ruby Z
    • Whest Audio Mc Ref V Mono
    • Nakamichi ZX-9
    • Shunyata Research Hydra A12
    • Transparent Audio Opus MM2 Speaker Cable
    • Transparent Audio Opus MM2 Balanced
    • Transparent Audio Opus Gen 5 Power Cord
    • Transparent Audio Gen 5 XL Power Cord x3
    • Transparent Audio Reference Gen 5 Lo Z Rca
    • Shunyata Research Sigma Clock Cable x2
    • Custom Audiophille Synology 918 Nas
    Synology 918+ with Custom Made 10A Lineer power supply 2 optane drives for cache and running Roon
    • Custom Lineer Psu For Ascona Mk1
    Custom built Lineer Psu For Ascona Mk1
    • Custom Audiophille Network Switch

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Wow! Now that is a tour de force system! Very cool and nice mix of components! Digital, analog, even cassette all covered and I'm sure it sounds amazing thanks for sharing.


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