Although I run a 7.2.4 HT in this room, it is also an independent 2.0 system, sharing only the ML amp and Moabs.  

In the last few years I have found I appreciate the detail and increased reveal of "passive" preamps most. I recently picked up the Moabs, and a lot of people recommend tube preamps and/or amps for them, so I am trying a BAT VK-30 I found a good deal on (I buy used whenever possible). I replacecd the tubes with Gold Lion The jury is still out on it vs the Axiom II. I find both very appealing in their respective ways. I have always liked Mark Levinson amps, at this point I am not interested in trying a tube amp. 

I installed a dedicated 20 amp outlet for system. 

I am loving the Moabs, the vocals are magical. I am finding the highs somewhat timid, something I am getting used to. 


Room Details

Dimensions: 23’ × 20’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Tekton Design Moab
    W/Be tweeter upgrade
    • Mark Levinson No 532H
    Dual Mono Amp
    • Balanced Audio Technology VK-30
    W/Gold Lion tubes
    • Luminous Audio Axiom II
    W/Walker Mod
    • Moon Audio Moon 310LP
    Phono Pre
    • Moon Audio Moon 320S
    Power Supply
    • Clearaudio Emotion
    W/Hana SL Cart
    • RME ADI-2 DAC fs
    • Belden 5T00UP
    10 Gauge Spk wire
    • Mogami Gold Studio XLR
    • Blue Jeans Cable LC-1
    RCA Cable
    • Furman PL-PRO C 20A
    20 amp Line Conditioner

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Thanks Bob.  :) 

It is actually a 70"  LCD, but it does look pretty small in the room. It helps keep time off the projector. Not everything is "projector worthy" - lol


Wow, that is a cool listening room and some very nice equipment.  It look like you have a small flat panel TV, and then when you want a picture to match the sound you lower the projection screen.  Must be great watching and listening to concerts, like on YouTube or Austin City Limits on PBS.  Thanks for letting us have a look at your gear.  👍🏻


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