This is my current set-up!  It sounds fantastic and is the best sound I have ever had.  I absolutely love listening to music on this set-up.  Every genre I throw at it, it just sounds awesome!  My favorite component in my system has got to be my speakers.  I absolutely love the Fritz Carrera BE’s and when paired with a sub, you get world class sound.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time with them now and they always please, every single time I turn them on.  So a big shout out and Thank You to Fritz for building such a solid speaker.

Room Details

Dimensions: 14’ × 11’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Bluesound Node 2i
    Upgraded Cullen Cables Avius Plug with gold plated sonar quest plugs
    • Schiit Audio Gungnir Multibit
    I love this DAC!  Really great resolution and detail.  This DAC is an essential part in my system.  I have tried lesser DACs and ghe difference is quite large.
    • Analysis Plus Inc. Solo Crystal Oval 8 spk
    Absolutely fantastic speaker cables.  Well worth their price on the used market.  Incredible bass, great highs, but the openess and the timing are impeccable.  They also add a little warmth and fullness to my system.
    • Analysis Plus Inc. Solo Crystal XLR cables
    I’m using these in between my amp and dac.  Again, just fantastic cables. These combined with my speaker cables, power cables, dac and speakers, my system is very open and detailed sounding.  I’m a fan of Analysis Plus cables in the entire line.
    • Cullen Cable Gold, Crossover, Avius
    Cullen Cables are the best bang for the buck power cables in my opinion. He’s got many different cables, all at very reasonable costs considering what you get.  Highly Recommended!
    • Fritz Speakers CARRERA BE
    Fritz is one of the most under rated speakers builder around.  His build quality is fantastic.  His woodworking skills are awesome.  His crossovers are awesome.  He uses the highest quality drivers available.  No one else is doing it from start to finish by themselves, at his level, that I know about it.  ‘Nuff said.
    • GIK Acoustics 244 Bass Traps
    I have 6 GIK 244 bass traps.
    • GIK Acoustics Monster bass traps
    I also have 3 GIK monster bass traps. These are 7” thick with 4” of owens corning.
    • Porterport Outlet
    I am using 1 Porterport, made by Albert Porter here on Audiogon.
    • Cullen Cable Pass and Seymour
    I using a Pass and Seymour outlet as well.  These are only $11 from Patrick at Cullen Cables.  If you want to go inexpensive these cannot be beat.  The porterport is better though!
    • Belles Aria Integrated
    I just got this amp and love it.
    • Periodic Audio BE
    I’ve had these in ear monitors for 3 years now and have immensely enjoyed them.  Dan, the owner of Periodic Audio is awesome!  Best warranty customer service I have ever received.  His BE in ear monitors impressed me more than anything else at can jam that year.  My new Belles Aria has an awesome headphone amp so I will be enjoying the BE’s more than ever!

Comments 20

I just ran across your setup and felt like I had to comment. I too have Fritz (Rev 7) driven by a Belles Aria, using Cullen cables and REL. Its just a classy rig and I know you enjoy it.  Concerning the Be tweeter, do you find it bright or fatiguing at all?  I love the sound of my system as it sits in a room smaller than yours.  Enjoy!


Great system! I also have Fritz monitors... The Carbon 7 SE mkii

I wanted to ask you, how exactly are you hooking up your subwoofer to the monitors?
I'm thinking about adding a subwoofer as I have a pretty large room and I could use a little more low end.


Beautiful and elegant setup. The color scheme of your panels is quite similar to mine. Great taste you have there :)

And that's one beautiful cat. We have 4 Main Coon cats in the house. I need to add more pics including them, lol!


Wow!  Thanks J 😁

I appreciate it.  There are many, really nice set-ups here on Audiogon so for my little setup to get such a comment is pretty awesome, Thank You!

Feel free to ask any questions about it or anything else audio related.  Its a fun hobby and you don’t need to spend thousands (like I have) in order to have a nice set-up.  Good Luck on your new system.  You’ll have to post pictures as well.

Take Care J!


My favorite system I've seen so far on AG! So clean, so well thought out. I'm building a system in a small, recently vacated room in our house and will show pics of yours to my wife, hope you don't mind!


@b_limo you've put so much thought and care into this rig!  It's got to be among the best cost-to-performance systems on the 'Gon.  I dig your hue lights taboot.  Happy listening to you sir!


So I recently got Sonarworks Reference 4 in my system and am really enjoying it.  We’ll see if its just a fad or something I can’t live without now.  I can tell you that the sound is much fuller.  I’ve yet to determine the effect it’s having on tone and soundstage but it sure smoothed out the highs, filled in the bottom end and extended the highs.  

It’s strange in that the sound is night and day different yet the speakers still retain their character, they just sound even better.

But again, if I determine that I’m losing any width or any of the holographic nature of the imaging, I’ll pull it out of my chain.  As of now, its staying in there 👍


Man, Thank You everyone with the kind words!

Yes, I love the Carreras.  Simply outstanding.  I just got a very nice upgrade to my system today and am on cloud 9.  My system went from jaw dropping to mind boggling today.  I’ll post back in a few days once I have a better feel for the difference in sound and when I can upload some new pics.

The REL T5i is awesome.  I believe it is the same driver as the T7i just without the passive radiator.  The T5i is limited in output but plays low enough for me, blends seamless and adds that finesse like only RELs give you.  My plan is to get 1-3 more T5i’s.  I’ve also had T9i, S3 SHO, Monitor Audio Gold GX15, and an SVS the size of a mini fridge with 2 13” drivers in it.  The T5i is my favorite in my room.  My old T9i sounds wicked in my friends living room though so ymmv.

Tawny, my siberian cat, does provide active and dynamic sound absorption 😝

Anyhow, I will update my virtual system here in a few days with pics of my new toy and also better pics of my system.

Thanks Again though to everyone who replied!  I always look at everyones setup who replies and am always impressed no matter the cost or equipment.  The execution is what makes us audiophiles.


Great looking system.
I have 2questions.  First is, how do you like theREL T5i and what frequencies does the cat absorb? If she moves, does it change the sound? 🤪

Thanks for sharing.



I have fritz carrera speakers also. I love them.


Nicely thought out and implemented system! Good looking and functional rack you built!


Super clean looking system with nice usage of the room treatments, b_limo! I’ve always been intrigued by the Fritz speakers. Recently I was looking hard at the Cullen cables, too. Is this room part of your living room or is it a dedicated room?

Ag insider logo xs@2xtoro3

Thanks for sharing that info. It looks great. I’m sure matching stands will make the system pop even more.


nice looking room with thoughtful selection of gear... bravo!


Awesome!  Thank You everyone.

Yeah, the I225 is great.  I actually bought a modded one that was even better but had to undo the deal because of gain issues on the xlr inputs. Anyhow, its a great piece for the $700 you can get them for.  

Bo, I made the rack.  It is my first project and not perfect but it was fin and a learning experience.  I would do 2” thick shelfs next time and not worry about book matching it.  My next project will be some speaker stands. I’ll be using walnut again as I’ve grown to love walnut.

Twoleftears, its just a globe.  No affiliation with synergistic but I do believe the spherical shape helps with the acoustics in the room, lol.  Another T5i will be displacing it soon!


Is that thing left of the stand:
1. a globe;
2. a chafing dish;
3. one of Synergistic Research's gizmos?


Really like your small rack/shelf.  Who's the manufacturer?

You're lucky to have such a well behaved cat.  We have two cats.  10 year old Agnes has never messed with my stereo, but our 5 month old kitten, Ripley, is very interested which is no surprised. 


Love this setup!! I've always had a soft spot for Anthem's 225. I've heard it a few times and love the sound, totally effortless muscle yet laidback and smooth as silk.

I've always had an eye on Fritz too. Never personally heard them, but I love the idea of DIY with highest quality drivers.



Right on, Thank You Mike!

Tawny, my cat, will take my seat if I get up.  I think it’s a cats job to mess with their owners as much as possible.  At least she has not one time, in 10 years, jumped on or messed with any of my stereo equipment.  She even left Vandy’s alone!


I love your setup! I like the choices you made.

I think you have to move Kitty"s chair to the sweet spot though. lol

Good stuff.


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