My McIntosh system is complete at this point. I have thought about vinyl but I sold and traded them over 30 years ago. I kept and added to my cd collection over the years so once again I decided to get back into McIntosh. I had a Mc system many years ago.
The rack is something I built myself while in lock down. It is 1" butcher block and 3/4" metal pipe. I basically replicated a VPI rack I had for a year. I really like how it came out. I saw another Audiogon member build one similar so I decided to give it a try. The materials were around $500 and about 12 hours of labor. Most everything I had delivered to the door but had to go and pick up the 6' lengths of butcher block. Let me know what you think.

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    • McIntosh C2600 Tube Preamplifier
    • McIntosh Mc462 Amplifier
    • McIntosh MCD600 SACD?CD Player
    • McIntosh MPC500 Power Controller
    • McIntosh XR100 Loudspeaker System

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Nice rack and impressive McIntosh stack.  Just wondering — as the spaces between shelves are tight, do you have any problem with ventilation for the amp?


You built a very nice shelf system which I assume is adjustable as well.
I bought a pair of Michael Green Justaracks (deluxe) many years ago for about $450 each. The MDF shelves are two inches thick, and easy to adjust- something I've had to do several times as needed for different components. 
It's not very pretty to look at (all black), but is extremely solid, even if you want a turntable. The thing is, except for Mapleshade (which is very expensive for two racks of four shelves, each), no one makes anything like this anymore. I'm not 
deriding high-end rack systems, but I certainly got a good return on my investment, and spent the money I saved on a preamp or a CD player.


Rack looks great! Great set-up. I'm a Mcfan too. Greg


Lovely Mac stack!


Great system.  Like seeing the McIntosh speakers together with the components, and the rack fits perfectly.


Beautiful set up.  
I've also made some things using iron plumbing pipe (including the TV stand shown in my man cave system).  I like the ease and versatility of the pipe.


Nice rack.

Bet it sounds wonderful...


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